Monday, June 22, 2009

So many emotions, only one shared.

I feel as though we may finally be getting somewhere... My period arrived yesterday, Thanks Provera! Today I called and the crap load of blood work is scheduled to be done on Wednesday! I was told Wednesday as one of the tests involves my blood being frozen and sent out and they did not want the weekend to get in the way. I don't remember which test this was... I was asked if anything I specificially wanted so I mentioned TSH, T3, and T4 again. I was also told, this is what I remember, is being tested for... Can you recommend anything else??????


Protein S
Lupus something or another (Auto immune disorders)

No fear. I did ask for a copy of all the results and will surely share everything once I have it! I was told they would call ASAP if anything came back abnormal, otherwise, they would contact me once all the results are back to go over everything at once.


Cathy said...

Hey! I don't know if this will be helpful for you, but this is what they tested on me ( I believe the fasting glucose and insulin are some key ones in helping hint at whether or not you have a thyroid or diabetes issue. I've also heard of some docs using the AMH as a gauge for ovarian reserved (fwiw, I haven't had thid done), though I'm not sure if it tells them much more than your actual antral follicle count and your FSH level. Here's more info if you're interested - That's all I got :-) Yay for Wednesday!!

Melissa said...

my RE wanted the fasting test too, the insulin one

Randi said...

Have them test your testostrone level too. Females can have elevated levels. I had to take Prednisone to help with it and once I took it, I ended up with three children in three years.