Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pretty nails. Bike?

No, I have not been spending an enormous amount of time in Lowe's looking at all the nails and screws that are available. Instead, I'm talking about fingernails! You know, the ones that I never seem to be able to grow and have them stay long and healthy...

Moving forward now.

Golly, for the last five years or so, off and on of course, I have been taking some sort of multi vitamin. Something to help not only to ensure I have all the proper nutrients for when I get pregnant but to have healthy skin, hair, and well, nails. Never before have my nails been this pretty... This strong. This healthy looking. I know, I'm a dork. I am in awe over my nails. I don't have the ridges I once did. They look pink and white beautifully.

My secret? Flintstones. As in, Flintstones Multi Vitamin for kids. You know. The chewable kinds.

***ETA- I've been taking Flintstones since sometime in mid April? So it's taken about two months for me to notice this difference.***

Why Flintstones? It all started when Dr. Amy Gawery came to speak at one of the Infertility Support Groups I facilitate. She had a 'soapbox' on how Iodine is a much needed nutrient that most of us do not get enough of and all... Another post. I took it upon myself to look at every single multi vitamin in Wal-Mart and Walgreens that week and found only ONE to contain Iodine. If you guessed it was the Flintstones Chewables, you were correct. :-) So, now I take one Flintstones in the morning and one at night.

So... Since I'm seeing such fantastic changes in my fingernails, think it's giving me the nutrients I was missing out on and thus impacting other areas of my body as well???? None I've really noticed yet but I'm waiting!
A Madsen Cycle! Just look on my left bar, the fourth image down, for the photo! Want to help me win this nifty bike??? I don't know how I would use it really but I'm sure my nanny boys would fit in the back and make for a great ride! haha! Okay, so maybe not for that use but something else! All you need, um, I'm asking you to do is to click on the link and once you're at the website you can leave. That's it. I think it'd be awesome. I'm totally into the blue one with the tub on the back. Maybe since we'll be close to grocery stores I can ride there and back with my goods in the tub??? How exciting!


Cathy said...

I am totally going to start taking those vitamins! For awhile I had been taking some of the gummy ones (which worked out pretty well), but hey, if you've had this much luck with your nails, it is worth a try! I'm trying to grow mine out as well.

That bike is super cool! And close enough to the grocery store you say??? I still have yet to find out exactly where you'll be living. (crossing fingers it's within bikeable distance from us!!)

And, yes, please oh please can we have a celebratory day/evening... moment even! We both have so much to be excited about. That, or I think I'm going to have to start becoming a Lowe's frequent shopper. *sigh*

Hugs - talk with you later!

mom said...

Because of your text message with your beautiful nails I bought Publix brand children's chewables today! It has Iodine... I'm hoping it will make a difference. All the money I've spent on adult/women's vitamins and how funny if the answer is in children's vitamins.. lol

squirrelgirl said...

Too funny! I've taken the Wal-Mart version of Flintstones vitamins for years. When pg I did take a B-complex supplement and fish oil, but I never needed the expensive prescription prenatals. I highly recommend the chewables!