Sunday, June 28, 2009

No Internet!

We're in the midst of moving and as of like 5Am tomorrow we'll be disconnecting the computer... We were told that it will not be reconnected to the Internet until like July 5 or something like that. Yep. I'm having de ja vue as exactly a year ago I was going thru this same thing with having to wait to get it reconnected... So, I'll post again once we're back up and running to the World Wide Web and hopefully will be able to share photos of our new house and let you decide if I'm crazy or if the house really does resemble Jon and Kate Plus 8's original house! Not that I want to follow their path of having sextuplets and all nor ending in divorce... That's a whole other post! I must go help hubby with some final things around here before we can crash for the last time in this house!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I'm soooo excited to be getting out of here and out from under or horrid landlord! Lots of stories to share there once all is said and done... :-)

All that just to ask you to please bare with me for the next week until life becomes somewhat normal again. :-)


Making Babies said...

Sob sob sob!!!

I'm going to miss you!!!


Michele said...

Have a great move!!! Hope it goes smooth and your internet is back up and running soon!

Melissa said...

Woot for a new house! Hopefully everything goes well and you'll be so busy that you won't notice the lace of internet :)

squirrelgirl said...

Good luck with the move. We'll miss your posts but we'll be here waiting when you get back online.

Making Babies said...

Is it next week already? Cause I miss you tons!!! :)