Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Header!!

What ya think??? No more Mickey Mouse images when I see my blog title! :-) Thank you Sassy for doing this for me!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I must figure out why in the world my sub title headings are suddenly Christmas colors... haha! They were all red to match the whole red in the border of my header. I don't understand HTML! hahaha!

Thank you again Sassy! I love it! Charles will be happy that 'Arms' is no longer the odd ball out.

Now I must go pack and stop playing on the blog as Charles is at work and he worked diligently the last two days packing so now it's my turn... Argh. I hate moving! But am ever so grateful for the place we are moving into. Am I allowed to be that contradicting??? :-) Why, yes, I am. It is my blog and all. hahaha!


Jen said...

Your header looks great! If you want to change the color of your navigation bar, you'll need to go into your html (under Edit html) look for this code:

#newnavbar li a{

change the color code number (2cae1f). You can get the color code under fonts and colors in your layout page.

Hope that helps!!


Making Babies said...

I agree with Charles, glad "arms" has it's nice comfy spot now. :) Looking good girl. x