Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cycle Update

Last night I took my last Provera pill to induce my period so we can get the show on the road... Once my period arrives, hopefully early this next week, I'm to have all the lovely bloodwork done by like cycle day 3 or 4. I don't know, realistically, how long it takes to get all the results back. We're not going to do any treatments until we have all the results back so instead, I'm going to pop Soy again this cycle so hopefully I'll have a "normal" cycle.

So, if we happened to conceive this cycle, we would be due the end of March. We do not want an April or May baby as everyone and their mama (literally) on Charles' side of the family (minus Charles and his dad) have April and May birthday's. We, selfishly for our baby, want their birthday to be special all on their own as it will forever be a day we longed and prayed for. It will be special to us. Just like people go out of their way to celebrate a seperate birthday for those born on/around Christmas. We don't want them to be overlooked amongst the excitement of everyone else's birthday in those two months. I know, it's crazy and probably stupid, but to us, it's a big deal. Birthday's are a BIG deal.

Not to mention, the newest niece, Allyson, first birthday is in May. That's going to be a BIG deal. How horrible would it be for us to have our baby then as well and thus neither baby getting the full attention they deserve? We'll hope and pray for any of the other 10 months out of the year although I'm thinking March sounds pretty darn good! :-) We would be 36-40 weeks the entire month of March. So any date would be perfectly fine.

In saying that, we'll try this cycle with the Soy and I'll continue charting my basal body temperature and using OPKs. I'll start up Progesterone once ovulation has been confirmed and we'll pray for peace in whatever is to happen. July will be busy with settling into our new house. August, just celebrating Charles' birthday and our Sixth Anniversary. Not to mention, August holds a bad month of when SIL and my friend Alex both conceived and ended up with May babies. September I'll be in Georgia, but perhaps Florida, for my mom's birthday. October we'll probably start Injects and IUI again as this too gives us time to save up for back to back to back cycles. January if we're not pg, we'll going into IVF.

I'm also trying to take into consideration if the bloodwork reveals anything seeking additional treatment, I have given myself a few months of already prepared to deal with the non-trying status. And my Endocrinologist appointment is scheduled for August 27th, the earliest available.

Am I crazy for so not wanting an April or May baby??? I mean, if God blesses us with a baby born then, we'll embrace it. We'll go out of our way to make their day extra special as we've just waited way too long to let anyone else ruin their day. It'll be their day but our day too. Our yearly reminder of something finally pleasant for us instead of the reminder of another year passed that everyone elses' child brings to me.


squirrelgirl said...

March is good...maybe you can have a little one who shares Katherine's birthday, March 24th. We're not family, so it would be totally cool!

Jen said...

I can understand your reasons for not wanting an April or May baby, but I'd be thrilled to conceive at any time (which I am sure you feel the same way!)

I'll be crossing my fingers and praying this month is your month!!

Melissa said...

I hope that the provera helps give you a regular cycle. I didn't ovulate regularly so it didn't do much beside bring on AF.

March would be awesome! :)

Making Babies said...

March or May, lets get this baby on the way!! (yes, fully said with pom poms and my best cheerleader impression)