Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There's this guy. He drives me crazy!

So. There's this guy that I know whom drives me absolutely crazy. The only thing worse than a heartless women who says insensitive things to an Infertile is a male who thinks they know all the answers and yet have not the first clue!

He has become rather intrigued by the whole me unable to get pregnant thing...

As I was drinking water he asked if I was "watering my ovaries". Yep. Not making this up.

He insisted that I listen to him and follow his instructions on "mind over body" here as "the mind is a powerful tool" and I just need to "relax and stop stressing out" and "take a year long break" and I'll end up pregnant.


Then, he had asked me why I won't listen to his suggestions!!!!

I told him that I'll listen the day he gets pregnant...

His retalliation?

So you won't listen to any male Doctors?

My answer?

Um, well, since A) I go to a male doctor currently and B) I do believe they've gotten more women pregnant than you have so I do believe they have the qualifications that you lack...

His response?

I could be a doctor... I just choose not to as I don't like touching people.

Yep. He thinks he can tell me how to get pregnant becuase he thinks he could be a doctor but chooses not to.

Sounds like the type of person I want to get all my baby making advice from!


Melissa said...

wow. maybe you should've thrown water at said guy and told him that you were watering his brain...

Michele said...

I agree with Melissa's comment. And EWWW! What a creep!

Ray and Chrissy said...

As if the reason you weren't listening to his "advice" was because he happens to be hanging on to a male appendage. *eyeroll*

I have to say though I think you handled it well. I was so blessed that NO ONE said anything like that to me EVER during our trying or anything like that. I think most folks know better these days.

Even on Mother's day my sister said "you know I don't say Happy Mother's Day to random women any more because you could inadvertently hurt someone's feelings" and I felt that was really thougtful of her. But I think that mostly came because she knew how difficult it was for me year after year to be wished "happy mother's day" when I wanted to have a baby and couldn't.

So just like there are jerks out there (like the one you talked about in this post) there are others who truly understand without ever experiencing your pain first hand.

And the next time I do think you should Melissa's advice. :)

Making Babies said...

Pick me pick me pick me.... I would love to throw something at that idiot!!! :)

Alexicographer said...

Ew, indeed. But at least if he doesn't like to touch people we can be reasonably confident he won't get anyone pregnant, either, so there's that.