Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jonas Brother Anyone???

Meet Jill. She's my cousin who started a company, Watch and Alert, LLC.

I have already written up a post on Watch and Alert and although I could talk a lot more on how fantastic I think it is and how many lives are going to be touched by this product, I only have one small request.
I understand that the blogging world is one of the easiest ways to partake in the whole Six Degrees of Seperation which pretty much states that someone who reads my blog knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who possibly knows someone who can get one of these watches in the hands of the Jonas Brothers. Specifically Nick Jonas since he is the one with Diabetes who needs a Medical ID...

Why is this important???

Well, as these Medical ID watches are reaching individuals the medical community is only getting upto par on educating the medical professionals to look for these watches as well as the traditional Medical IDs available. With the help of a celebrity (per widipedia the definition is "is a widely-recognized or notable person who commands a high degree of public and media attention.") such as Nick Jonas himself wearing one of these watches the word would spread like the California Wild Fires and thus ultimately, save more lives...

So again, I am asking that if anyone has any contact to the Jonas Brothers would you please send me an e-mail at OR contact Jill @ OR visit the website, for further information and contact information.

And if you want to read more about Watch and Alert in the news, check them out here and here and here and Google if you want to read up more. :-)

Thank you blogging community and the World Wide Web!

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Courtney Kay said...

a former friend from highschool was cast in an epi of their new show, I will see if he still has contact info