Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Guess What???

My mom and Ray are here!!!!!!!!! Have been for about 24+ hours. :-) Just thought my wonderful blogging world friends would want to know this in case you didn't already. :-) We walked around the mall today and I got the cutest pair of shoes ever! Will totally post a photo of them AND they were on clearance! That's my style! :-) We walked around the mall today with the nanny boys as well, we got a rather late start thanks to carseat issues and trying to fit two carseats in a SUV along with four adults... It gets hectic! And now, I'll leave you to go enjoy some Chicken Tetrizeni (sp?) that my mom is making! YUM! YuM! Yum!!!


Melissa said...

woot to shoes!

Michele said...

have fun with your visit!