Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finishing the Story.

I have had a few people ask me to finish the story on my ER picture post I did on April 19.

After seven days of FSH (Follistim) Injections to stimulate my ovaries to produce more/better follicules, I was given the hCG Trigger shot (Pregonyl) on Monday, April 13. It was about 36-48 hours that I began noticing symptoms. I became severely bloated and my abdomen hurt. I couldn't sleep on my stomach. It hurt to laugh. Sneeze. Go up and down stairs. Bend. Add any additional weight such as carrying my nanny boys. I was in pain. Very uncomfortable.

On April 17, I called my RE office and spoke with the nurse as Dr. Witten was at an IVF conference. She said that I should not do a thing over the weekend and if still in pain to come in on Monday. I was to keep hydrated and that was that. Well, I only partially listened to her... I know. Very bad! Instead of carrying both babies at the same time, I only carried one and only when needed. I also continued to work the weekend... But Saturday I did not do a thing. Charles stayed home with me as well and was great all day. He cooked, he cleaned, he made sure all my needs were met. He was fantastic!

I got on the scale and saw I gained a total of TEN POUNDS in NINE DAYS! No joke. That's crazy!!! It was all fluid as I could tell exactly where it went. I couldn't wear any of my regular pants so sweatpants are what I lived in.

I read online some, blessing or curse?, and read that drinking lots of water/Gatorade, eating Sodium rich foods to absorb the excess fluid in my abdomen in which I would urinate out, and eating Protein would all make me feel better. So, I made some refried beans with cheese and salsa along with chips for dinner. Let's just say that not only did I not really notice anything but I was in extra pain from the lovely gas the beans gave me!!!! ARGH! Not a smart move at all!!!

Saturday, April 18, we went to bed with me in pain. I just could not sleep. The pain was continuous but nothing with me doubled over so I tried to sleep thru it and decided I would call the after hours Dr. in the morning. Ya know, when it is a more reasonable hour of day. Well, when I looked at the clock with my blind-as-a-bat-eyes and thought it said 2:45 I decided I had had enough! I laid in bed with my eyes open trying not to cry and just prayed that if I need to go in that Charles would wake up or do some stirring in his sleep... Moments later, he was stirring so I gently nudged him and told him I'm in pain, still, and that I thought we should go to the ER to get everything checked out.

When I was able to look at the clock I saw it was only 12:45am... Yeah. We'd only been asleep for like three hours. haha! He got in the shower and I tried walking around for a bit to see if I could move the gas. (TMI? Sorry.) I was just sick and tired of the constant pain...

We got to the hospital about 1:30am and were seen right away. I told them I thought it was OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome) based on my symptoms and that I just underwent my first injectible cycle. The Doctor I had was stupid. They did a pregnancy test and said that I was not pregnant, even though it was only three/four days past IUI and that their tests are one of the most sensitive available and that they would know.

First off. Let me say that given the knowledge that I had just underwent all that I did to have three VERY uncaring individuals tell me that I was no way pregnant in the most heartless ways possible, was very upsetting. Thankfully, I had walked this path before so regardless of what they told me I knew otherwise. I mean. If I was lucky, the embryo was just beginning to think about implanting! And then it takes the hCG doubling every 48 hours to build up in my system before it becomes detectable with a home pregnancy test.

So the Doctor said, "I can do a pelvic check on you if you wish." Um. No thanks. That'd be pointless. And at this moment was when I pipped in with the whole "sodium is supposed to help absorb some of the excess fluid and all". I was taken for an x-ray (again, of what? Can you really see liquid on an x-ray???) becuase Doctor said that they do not have an ultrasound tech currently there and he only does them for suspected etopic pregnancies or in emergencies. I was then promptly given an IV with a bag of Sodium fluid. Yep. They actually listened.

They did some blood tests (not sure of what) and came back and told me I had a UTI, bladder infection to be exact. I was like, okay. That's not what is causing my pain but whatever. They wanted to give me MORPHINE! WHAT??? Really? So I nixed that. I think something a little less would be fine. After Charles insisted I given all pregnancy safe medications "just in case and as a humor-me protocol" and the first dosage was in me, I was discharged.

Charles and I both felt very much like we were talked down upon. That the Doctor was not knowledgeable at all in the field of obsectrics/gyneocology. I felt so stupid for even going, really. But in the end, the Sodium fluid DID help a ton! I noticed a huge difference! By the end of the next day though, my tummy was swollen again and although still in pain, it was not anything like it was that first night.

On Sunday, I ended up calling Dr. Witten and he promptly called back. He confirmed that I do have OHSS based upon my symptoms and said that I needed to be seen Monday morning but to again, do nothing. I needed to treat my ovaries like a carton of eggs... Ultra sensitive.

Monday, I called the office and was feeling just a bit better so they thought it unnecessary to see me as any improvement is considered excellent no matter how little. I was told to still not work but again, didn't listen. I couldn't not work... I took it extra easy though and had lots of help and did as little as possible. My ovaries sure let me know of their presence...

I was told that it would subside and then if pregnant, the pain would come back as it is the hCG that triggers it, hence why it starts after the hCG Trigger shot and again gets inflamed in the early stages of pregnancy. When it did subside for a couple days and I started to feel pain again, I/along with the nurses thought for sure that I was pregnant. No. It just wanted to torture me again before leaving along with my period's arrival.

If you are looking for any information on OHSS these websites, especially the first one, helped the most for me!

GA Reproductive Specialists
Mayo Clinic

As a side note... If indeed you do have OHSS and you are told to do nothing, do NOTHING! I could have actually had my ovaries twist and caush me to loose one or both of my ovaries thus never having the ability to have biological children becuase of something stupid. Listen to your Doctors... Thank God, all turned out okay with me. I go in on Monday for a follow up ultrasound to make sure all my "goods" are back to normal and working order. :-)


squirrelgirl said...

Yikes! Sorry you went through all that. Dumb doctors. I hope things look good on the u/s.

Michele said...

Some docs are amazing... Others... I think the lack of bedside manner should be grounds for a complaint to the AMA! I've had a few trashy ones, but some really great ones too. I always cross my fingers that I'll get a bright light.

I'm so sorry you had such a negative experience! That sucks! The moral of the story: relax and keep your feet up! :)

LeAndMatt said...

Hi. I found your blog by reading comments to Mama Bear which I found through MckMama...are you lost yet? Anyway I read some of your story and wanted to let you know that there are miracles everyday...the month we decided to adopt is the month our son was conceived....and 8.5 months later he was placed in our open don't give up hope....for HE has a plan.

:-) LeAnna