Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome and Hello!

You may have noticed on my left side bar is a "Top Health Blogger" recognization for the Pregnancy and Fertility Community by Yes, that is my photo in there as well! I am honoroed to accept the invitation to be a "Top Health Blogger" for! Just so you do not fret, absolutely nothing will change about my blog. You will still get to see lots more pee sticks and hear all the TMI and beyond that I get to edure along our journey to become parents. It just means that I'd love for you to join me along with millions of other people who check out on a regular basis.

So, I wanted to dedicate this post to not only welcoming any readers that happen to find my blog via but also to those whom have stopped by here via other associations. I would appreciate it if you would either drop me an e-mail ( or a comment to let me know exactly how you did find me in the crazy wide blogging world. :-)

A great big hello to my regular readers as well! I know who some of you are but a lot of you, I have no knowledge that you even stop by here!! If you blog as well, I would very much enjoy following your blog and getting to know you as you are me/us.

And just for fun... A pee stick that I took this morning with First Morning Urine (FMU). It is beautifully positive! It has faded quite a bit as I took the photo at 6pm, only 12 hours after actually peeing on the test. Also, I will only update Home Pregnancy Test photos every other day as these are Equate Brand tests which are not exactly $1 a piece like at the Dollar Tree... Now, if you have any qualms about this I am more than happy to accept Home Pregnancy Tests donations for the sake of "science" and all... :-)

The goal is the same though. I'm hoping that the line never fully goes away but that it gets lighter and then darker again indiciating that new hCG is being made to indiciate that I AM pregnant! I was given the hCG Trigger shot at 3pm ish on Monday 04/13 afternoon. We were inseminated (IUI) at 10:45am on Wednesday 04/15.

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