Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Phone Conversation with my amusing husband...

Setting it up... There is a house. It is an amazing opportunity. When we were over at the house on Sunday I eyed a Piano in the Living room and asked who played? Was told their son fiddled with it some. If it works out, the landlord wants to possibly leave the piano sitting in the living room there.

Charles: "C said he may leave the piano and noticed you eyeballing it and asked if you played."
Me: *Insert hysterical laughs here*
Charles: "You could still learn to play the piano, right?"
Me: STILL hysterically laughing...
Charles: "Right?"
Me: Claming down a bit...
Me: "Honey. I have not the first musical ability in my body. I tried in high school."
-Insert here my attempts to learn:
Flute (couldn't get out the first note)
Clarinet (so struggled reading music and getting my fingers to cooperate)
Trumpet (wanted to play but again, struggled with getting it to make a darn sound!)
French Horn (hahahaha! This is where I learned the talent of faking...)
Bass Clarinet (Band Instructor wanted to put me on this with high hopes but sadly, nothing.)
Charles: "You wouldn't have been able to write a book in high school so maybe you can learn to play an instrument now?"
Me: *Thinking. Is the book complete yet? Nope. Not conquered yet.*
Charles: "You could do it..."
Me: "I also want to learn a foreign language. I want to teach our children to be multi-lingual (that sounds like some noodles!)."
Charles: "Multi? That's three or more."
Me: "I know. German and Cherokee are my preferred choices."
Charles: "Yeah. Right."
Me: *Thoughts here- and you thought I could learn a musical instrument and yet ye of little faith that I can learn two languages to teach our children...*

You see. The whole musical talent thing dates back to my oldest brother who is a amazing. I wanted to be just like him. Hence trying out numerous instruments before calling it all quits and coming to terms that I have NO musical ability what so ever in my body. He picks up any instrument and he plays it. Give him two hours and he's spitting out a beautiful melody or something. Where did he get this talent? Well, from my grandma actually. (Yes, the one I've asked for prayers for and whom still needs them!) I wish I had the gift of music. Preferably to sing since I love it so but am HORRIBLE at it! haha! Oh, many stories there for a later date, maybe.

And shall I say that I have a younger brother who is also musically gifted but his is slightly different. He plays the guitar and sings. Pretty good if I may say so myself. My youngest brother, well, he sometimes tries and although not a 10 he's not a 1 either. :-)

I often claim to be the "Red headed step child" in my family becuase my three brothers are so different than me. They all three have incredible book smarts. Like, really. My oldest we swore would find a cure for cancer or perhaps now the Swine Flu. One of my younger brothers scored a perfect on the high school graduation test in one or two of the sections. And my youngest, he doesn't even try and he does amazingly well! They are all three extra tall. As in 6'3" and up. All built slender too. Gosh darn, why didn't I get this gene?? haha! But they're also all three a pain in the royal butts! Maybe that's just the sister in me coming out??? :-) But I love them all...

And now I must get my laughing butt off of here and wash some dishes so we can head to the zoo on Saturday! :-)


Making Babies said...

Hahaha, I have the same with my very talented sister.... She won't even let me play the "triangle" in her band....Pffft... But you could so learn to play the piano? How difficult could it be to play Twinkle twinkle little star??? LOL I like your idea of languages though. McK can speak (almost perfectly) Afrikaans. We didn't teach her though, she picked it up through school and other kids..... Amazing!!!
Anyway, it's good to see you giggling.... ;-)

Buzzys Mama said...

Hey you! you crack me up! In any case I thought I'd let you know I tagged you in not one but TWO of my recent posts. One that happens to include an AWW-Summm award, so grab it and link back to me poleeeeaaassseee! Love ya! Hope you're having a good day with the boys!

mom said...

Meghan, you sang the most beautiful rendition of Away in a Manger I have ever heard! And you have talents your brothers don't have.
I want to go to the zoo!