Thursday, April 9, 2009

The last week's happening in my Life...

I apologize to my dear loyal readers whom some have taken it upon themselves to make it fully aware that my blog has not been updated for awhile... And to you, I apologize! Something called life and jobs and family all kind of got in the way of updating. And so, now I update all the last weeks happenings within this one single post.

April 2 - I had Dr visit that revealed my ovaries had not produced any follicules (these contain the eggs) of measurable size. This was sad as it was cycle day 13 and by this time the "normal" person would have at least one egg ready to ovulate. Dr. Witten said he would call in something and to start it ASAP. I left bummed and again, sure that this cycle was a complete bust...

April 3 - Around 9am I get a phone call from Dr. Witten's office... The conversation follows.

Nurse- "The injectable Rx has been sent to your pharmacy and expect a phone call confirming."
Me-"Oh, the HCG (aka-Trigger) shot?"
Nurse- "No. Follistim." Pause. "And the HCG Trigger Shot."
Me- *GASP!* Roll tounge back into mouth. Pick up jaw off ground. Manage to say, "oh?"
Nurse- "Were you not told about this?"
Me- "No. So what exactly am I in for?"
Nurse- Reviewing legal stuff... Telling me about it. Follistim is an injectable medication in the Gondratrophins (sp?) which is used solely for Fertility enhancement.
Me- "Okay. Thank you."

I immediately totally freak out. Thank goodness the boys were sleeping at this time! I called Charles who helped calm me down a bit... I called my mom who grounded me a bit more... I text my SOP girls who live in the USA and was reassured that all would be okay and I can do this and all for a baby... Whatever it takes to get our baby!

I went from anxious and nervous and scared mindless to excited within a few hours. I think having the boys has really helped throughout all this! I mean, they ARE the encouragement I have as real life success stories... :-) They ARE my inspiration!!!

I then called the pharmacy and wanted to confirm everything. Found out it was Follistim 300units X 3 and that my pharmacy includes EVERYTHING possibly needed. The pen (it's really kind of neat), all needles, alcohol wipes, disposal for hazardous waste products, carrying bag. Nice. Everything was set for Sat. AM delivery...

April 4- Anxiously awaiting delivery... We get home and all that is found is a dag gum "Sorry we missed you" note! WHAT??? *Insert freak out here...*

April 5- Spend the day researching Follistim. Success. Multiple's risk. Freaking Charles out with what I read on "1 in every 3 pregnancies results in multiples"...

April 6- Every 20 minutes called Charles to see if THE package had arrived yet. Nope. Called the Dr. office to see about scheduling the appointment to come in and follow up u/s and b/w and learn how to do the injections. Not needed. I was walked thru all this via the instructions manual. VERY easy to do... First show, today.

So, I brought the boys to my house to pick up the materials and call the Dr. to figure it all out. I had everything ready to go. The boys laying on our bed. I called Charles upstairs to give me words of encouragement and get me sticking! He came up, said, "You can do it" after I begged him to utter these words to me. I laughed. Then, he looked at the boys and looked at me and said, "Are THEY worth it?" (They are the result of fertility meds as well hence why they are my inspiration!) I said YES and stuck myself. That was that. It was over with. No pain. Okay. Minimimal pain. First shot-success!

Mother-in-law and Father-in-law arrived today for the evening. They brought with the mobile that Sister-in-law and Charles used when they were babies. It's so precious! Also, brought the afghan that mother-in-law has slaved hours upon hours over for me and baby to be! It is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! So soft and pretty and just the right size... I cannot wait to wrap my baby up in it!!! I love that I've been given so many meaningful little "blessings" as I like to call them. All of these baby items tell a story. Someone's story. Our story.

April 7- Second shot-Success! Only side effects I'm noticing are so much better than anything I've ever heard of someone complain about in regards to Clomid! It's upsetting my tummy and doing a wonderful job at cleaning out my intestinal tract and I have the occassional ovary twitch/pressure/pain. That's it. Certainly doable, especially if the end result is a baby!

MIL/FIL left today for Georgia and will be back this weekend for a few days. I'm sure we'll talk more "baby" and perhaps go thru the tub of stuff for SIL again as well. :-) Oh how I wish I was able to personally watch SIL and BIL go thru the tub full of goodies but unfortunately, life calls.

April 8- It's a day filled with tears... Started off with third shot being a success. No tears here. Those are saved for later.

First round of tears, not a whole lot though. WAY premature but what the heck... Charles and I have tentatively agreed upon boy names and a girl's first name!!!! I would LOVE to share but I don't want the names to become super popular and thus having to change them... :-) I will give a hint though! The boy names have the initials C & A and the only girl name we can agree upon starts with a M... :-)

My mom called to tell me some not so good news about my grandma. She's not doing so well to say the least... I have so many emotions I am dealing with on this topic alone. Please just keep my Grandma in your thoughts and prayers if you may...

After getting off the phone with mom, I tried to catch up on some friends' blogs and read Annie's post on the poem. The same poem I have copied into yesterday's post. Tears streamed my face... I am so very excited that the end of the heart wrenching journey is over for Annie and Joel and so excited that this new journey, the one filled with tears not for loss but for joy as well as a lifetime of happiness has begun! I also cried for myself. As a reminder that I WILL be a mom, one day. Just tears that needed to flow.

When I could see again, I got up to let the dogs out and when I walked by the couch I saw a little package on the loveseat. I saw it was from my friend Cindy who is sending me her nursery set! It was ultra small to be everything so I was curious what was in here... I tore that open like it was Christmas morning! I gently caressed the fabrics that were sewn to the pillow and hamper liner and mobile arm... I closed my eyes and let myself imagine my baby enjoying these items. Okay, that was a bit more imagination than reality... It was something tangible, yet again, that I had in my possession for MY baby!

I ended the day talking with a friend in Georgia whom I have not spoken to in some time... We did some serious catching up which called for a late bedtime and made wake up time come extra early!

April 9- On my way to work, just as every other day, I listen to Joy FM. It's the Christian radio station around here and it does not come in very well... Anyways, Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman are having a concert here this month and it is sold out so Joy FM is giving away tickets! On top of that, they are drawing ONE grand prize winner who not only gets front row seats and backstage passes to meet them but per request, gets to choose ONE person whom "they want to be 'United' with". Well, as the story goes. I was the correct caller this AM and won the two tickets to the concert! :-) I also am now in the running to be united with whom I chose... Of course, I wanna see my mom! So tomorrow at 7AM is the Grand Prize drawing so we'll see!!!!

My follow up ultrasound appointment today went very well. I took the boys and they were VERY well behaved not to mention, the center of attention amongst all the staff members there! They don't get to see very many babies... People are going to get pregnant not to deliver t here! I have one dominant follicule on my left ovary measuring 11.2mm by 11.0mm. I had several much smaller ones on my right side but do not believe they will catch up and thus I'll only ovulate one egg. Hey, that's a-okay with me as long as this one egg is the magic egg to bring on my baby!!! He upped my dosage from 100unites of Follistim to 125unites of Follistim a day starting today until Sunday. Monday I am to go back for another follow up ultrasound and see if we're ready for the Trigger shot and hopefully a successful ovulation, fertilization, implantation, and a thriving baby!!!!!!

Oh please God let this cycle work... Bless us with our long desired to have baby!!! We will tentatively know if we are pregnant or not May 1... If this is the case, it could make for an amazing month of May or a really sucky month of May... So many BIG things going on then that I would LOVE to be pregnant to enjoy them all or else I may find myself in hibernation until June 1. :-)


Cathy said...

Oh yay! How fun to win those tickets!! I love Joy FM! I will be crossing my toes that you get that grand prize! I am so very happy for you that this baby becomes more real each and every day. To be able to see yourself take these strides has to be an amazing feeling, even if it still seems like "baby steps". ;) You are doing so awesome at all of this Meghan. True inspiration! *Hugs*

Krissy said...

Yay for updating finally girl!! Now about your blog button . . . lol We really need to fix that! Oh and how come u didnt mention winning such awesome tickets when i called??? yur holding out on me! lol in any case, HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY AND EASTER, if i dont tty before.