Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dr. Greene and Tonsil Stones

I finally figured it out!!!! Oh my it's been driving me crazy! You see, when I posted this back in January 27, 2009 I have since received a lot of hits on this one post... After further investigation (thanks Google Analytics) I found I was getting referrals from Dr. Greene's website. Well, after approving three comments all on this one post, I not only gained more information on these annoying things called "Tonsil Stones" but also where the linage is from!

Check THIS out!

Yep. That's linking back to my blog, that particular post actually... Still no answers though! haha!

And, while I'm on it. A new website has been brought to my attention that addresses not only Tonsil Stones but ways to remedy them... Both tested and approved and waiting to find out! :-)

Check out Josh's website,

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Jennifer Wempe said...

I get tonsil stones too! Yuck! I hate them! I've also had strep 4 times in the last year (work hazard) so I'm getting my tonsils out this summer!!! Unless, of course, I'm pregnant! :-)