Saturday, December 20, 2008

Busy, busy December!

Gosh. It's been awhile since I last posted... Sorry, to those who actually read, for my absence. A quick re-cap.

My mom and Ray came and visited the first weekened of December. We did touristy stuff around downtown Saint Louis. Went to the Budweiser Museum and took a tour. Went to the Arch. They did not go up as it was a very over cast day so you wouldn't be able to see much but we did tour the museum of the Lewis and Clark Adventures. Went to the casino where we all lost money. haha. Explored downtown St. Charles in FREEZING weather and decided to finish that in Spring when they come back for a longer visit. Um, Went up to the tower where Charles works. It makes me so proud to see my husband taking pride in his profession. :-) And we just spent wonderful time together! Oh how I miss my mom... I'll post photos soon!

The weekend after, Charles' parents came over for the weekend for a visit. Unfortunately, I was working this weekend so we were kind of limited. We went to the casino where three out of four of us lost money. Chuck walked away with money. We watched some movies and of course, ate Bob Evans. haha!

in the midst of this, I had a vision/thought/dream. Whatever you wish to call it. I am going to write a book! **Pause for slight chuckle to occur.** Really. I know. It's crazy. The only thing I'll say about it is that yes, it is indeed a book in regards to Infertility. That's all I'll say... For now. I've got three outlines on paper. I'm just praying and seeking God's guideance in this.

The funniest thing is that it seems the more I try to get away from babies/pregnancy/infertility the closer I seem to be pulled towards it! The thought of opening up and digging deep into infertility is not really appealing. Perhaps it's my new form of therapy??? I mean it seems like babies, pregnancies, and infertility are GROWING around me!

*Completely relevant yet irrevant at the same time*

I mean, I do work at a rather LARGE Home Improvement Retailer and when the displays were being redone and all the "old" went to clearance what did they happen to be of??? You got it. Duckies. So, needless to say I now have my complete babies bathroom done. Well, almost. I have a cloth duckie shower curtain. A duckie soap dish, toothbrush holder, cup and curtain rings. All this for.... Ready? $3.50!!!!!!! How am I supposed to pass up a deal such as that??? It's impossible!

Perhaps it's just me though? So, anyways. Just figured I'd P.S. you who read into that aspect. We shall see what/if anything occurs from this journey!

This weekend we are just relaxing... We both have the time off so it's nice to just sit back and relax. Next weekend, my dad and Jodi will be here! I'm excited to be able to spend time with them!!

And now I must be off to cook some dinner for my husband who after 5+ years has not learned that my cooking skills are not up to par and that he should just permanently take over all cooking involvements!

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mom said...

Oh, how your mom misses you!