Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our goofy Thanksgiving pics!

Our first Thanksgiving in Missouri AND just the two of us... We took some goofy pics so here is Photo SPAM!!! I wanted to get a "family picture" but well, you can see how well that went over. haha! Charles and his MANY faces and me trying to keep up with him. Jack and Jill desperate for attention as they think one gets more than the other. We laughed and laughed!

Jack's getting wrinkles in his "smile"! And see how pretty he sits like a "big boy"! :-)

Below is the attempt at family photos... Didn't go over so well. haha!

Jill likes to "dance" and Jack was trying to as well!

On our way home from our Thanksgiving Dinner at Cracker Barrel.

The dirty pond/lake thing.


squirrelgirl said...

Looks like y'all had fun!

Cathy said...

These pics are SUPER cute! Jack & Jill were thinking "why are we sitting on the stairs like this". lol. Getting furry kids to sit still is quite the task! Sorry to hear that your Cracker Barrel turkey day meal wasn't all that great, but it does look like you both had a good time!