Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. I'm not excited. No. I'm not looking forward to a DEEP snow where I can build a snowman. No. I'm so thinking snow is ugly and annoying as it causes the dogs feet to get all muddy. No. I'm not going to take a thousand photos this winter. No. I am not currently watching the snow continue to fall...

If you have not caught on yet. I LOVE snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) This is SO very exciting!!!! We were told that this was just supposed to be flurries last night and tonight we were supposed to get some real stuff but not a whole lot. YIPPEE!!! But now I'm really starting to wonder what "a whole lot" is according to Missourians! LOL

So. This is how it "went down" this morning. The alarm went off at 4:30am for Charles to get ready and head off to work. But before doing so, he looked out our bedroom window and said that it had snowed! I got up. peed. Got back in bed. :-) He got out of the shower and asked if I looked at it. I said no and proceeded to ask what kind of snow it was. ???

"Is it a Georgia type snow or a real snow??" (For those in Georgia or for that matter, any southern states, you totally get this question!

He said, "It's a dusting. Like a Georgia snow." Ah. Okay. I'm not getting out of bed for a "georgia" snow... I've seen that. I want SNOW! LOL

I'm drifting back into sleep world where I'm a Princess and show all day long when he interrupts me to ask if I wish to see how the dogs react when he takes them out before heading off to work.
"um. No. It's cold."

"Are you sure?"

"Well. I won't help. I'll just peek around the corner so I don't get cold." Yep. I'm a real trouper of a wife!

Off the dogs go into the white winter land without second thinking a thing!

And four hours later... It's STILL coming down and at a nice steady pace too! Perhaps I'll get enough to build a snowman?????

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squirrelgirl said...

Brrrr...You can keep it! I don't share your love of the white stuff - too many memories of shoveling and scraping pre-dawn to get to work on time. That's why I moved south!