Sunday, November 2, 2008

Christmas Wish List

It's that time of year, again! The time when loved ones start asking for ideas as to what to get others for Christmas. I generally have a hard time thinking up a list as nothing is in dire need or want. I prefer to give than receive anyways. :-)

So, the last couple of nights, laying in bed, I realied I truly miss four things. Ready?

1. My chiropractor visits. Boy do I need a good adjustment! I feel it in my right hip area that's in your back (if that makes any sense!).

2. Massages. No, I did not get these often but when I did they were wonderful! So relaxing...

3. Facials. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Deep sigh. Again, this was not a "way of life" for me but it's sure been a long time since I had one and my pores certainly need it! (Yes, need. LOL)

4. This I do believe I miss the most. My acupuncture visits. I was going regularly in Georgia and felt a HUGE difference in myself that I just really cannot describe. I miss the forced relaxation that comes with each visit. To know that nothing was chemical based or hurting my body. I just felt so at ease and often drifted off to sleep I was so relaxed. It's been 7 months and counting, since my last acu visit. :-(

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend any place (YET) in Missouri to obtain such pleasures. Perhaps that's a reason to seek out these services? :-)

And onto other "Christmas Wish Lists".

The last couple of days I've really been in prayer as to what God wants me to do with my life. I mean, really. I've got my Bachelors degree so it must be for something, right? I have realized since that God wanted to humble me first. I once thought of my job at Lowe's as a Cashier (and now Installed Sales Coordinator) to be temporary as "I wanted to help people". God humbled me. He clearly reminded me that even as a Cashier, I was helping people. No job is too little in God's book. Although I do not feel as though Lowe's will be my forever employer, I do feel like God has me here for a reason so I'm trying so hard to listen to Him and learn what I'm meant to learn at my time there.

I feel like my "niche'" has been given to me by suffering from Infertility. These are the couples I want to help. I want to do whatever I can, by the knowledge given to me by God, to help these couples obtain the family they so desire to have. This could be biological or adoptive children. it doesn't matter. A family is what is desired. It seems like God keeps giving me ideas in my head to get the word out. It's a slow process and lots of baby steps are needed first.

I really believe that the first step is to start a website and get that going... Ah, the price of it though! We're investigating and hoping to find something that is expandable yet costs what we can afford at this time. I just feel like a website would provide a whole new avenue of connections that are much needed for growth. One day...

The big vision. I see conferences, speakers, scholarships, support groups world wide, and so much more coming about! And all free to those who wish to join! The cost would, hopefully, be set apart by sponsers and donations. One baby step at a time...

So my Christmas wish list. To get a website up and running for IES (Infertility - Education and Support) which in turn, hopefully helps other couples who are all walking the same path on their journey to parenthood!

Yes. I want to spend the rest of my life helping couples have babies!!! As funny as that may sound, my heart fills with joy whenever I learn about a new baby to be welcomed into the world! I feel as though God has had us go down this path for a reason. Something that Satan meant for harm, God is using for His glory! No matter if and when Charles and I become parents, I want to see the joy in others faces and hear it in their voices when they announce they are blessed with a baby whether their womb or a gracious birth mother's womb!

I had the first opportunity of this just recently. Our first IES baby is expected to join the world in June 2009! To hear her voice as we talked about this blessing. Oh, I can't wait to see her and walk along this journey with her. This, my friends, is worth my every heartache and tear that I've cried (and there have been MANY!). May God continue to bless these couples and that I may continue to share in their joys and sorrows too!

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