Monday, November 17, 2008

And the baby trying becomes more scientific!

This may very well be a TMI post for some of you... if so, I warned ya in advance! :-)

So, since today has officially started Cycle number 30, I'm fed up! Yes. Completely fed up. I called the new Ob/Gyn but come to find out she's almost an hour away four out of the five days a week and well, I need someone close if I plan on spending so much time in the Dr. officies. So, I called my old new Ob/Gyn back and after talking with him, he's on board with my next step. From this cycle on out, baby making will officially become much more advanced and scientific. Who would have ever thought I'd be so interested in SCIENCE!!!! haha!

So. Wanna know the plan???? Well, since I over hyper stimulated my ovaries last cycle on Soy (natural Clomid) I refused to start the Clomid until I had an ultrasound to check my ovaries to make sure they were back to normal size and all. So, I'm going in on Thurdsday on my lunch break to have this u/s done. I was told I need to drink 34-40 ounces of water 1 1/2 hours before the u/s to ensure a full bladder! HOLY CRAP!!!!! Once I get the all clear from the u/s, I will start the Clomid pill popping that night for five nights. I'm hoping I escape the horrid side effects that Clomid is known to give you... On Cycle day 9, I will start Estrogen supplements. Cycle day 12 or 15 (that's a Friday and Monday) I will have a mid cycle u/s to check my follicules and see how many I've got maturing and to hopefully not see any signs of OHSS! Once I confirm ovulation with Ovulation Predictor Kit Pee Sticks (OPKs) I'll start the Progesterone to ensure my lining is nice and thick and welcoming to an eight cell baby to spend the next nine months growing! :-)

We'll go this route until about February to March time frame when, if still no baby, I'll go see a Reproductive Endo (I can't spell it/RE) and proceed with testings, medications more aggressive, IUI, and possible even IVF... Wonder how we'll afford that??? Well, Charles has an insurance option that is AMAZING!!!! It covers Infertility treatments AND up to three rounds of IVF!!!! this is un heard of!!! While I pray that we won't need much more intervention than I'll be doing this current cycle, I'm glad to know that we have options ahead of us. :-) Now, let me just survive the emotional rollar coaster that all this will surely put me through! Yes, the last almost three years have been an emotional rollar coaster I'm totally expecting that the added hormones I'll be putting into my body won't exactly make me more normalized... LOL

And if this cycle works... Well, we'll find out around Christmas time!!!! What an amazing and blessed gift that would be!!!!!!!!! (Not that I'm already getting excited but what an amazing thought!) Oh, and to talk about putting the chariot before the horse... We'd be due late August which means I could give Charles the best birthday present ever (August 19 is his special day) OR it could be our 6th Year wedding Anniversary present to ourself! :-)

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Anonymous said...

or... you could be late and give nana a great birthday present! :) You'll be such a scientist when this is all over.