Thursday, October 30, 2008

More interest!!! :-)

YIPPEEE!!!! Their have been two more ladies contact me in regards to IES (Infertility - Education and Support Group)!!!! :-) Oh, this is so exciting that hopefully IES will continue to grow and grow and reach more women who all are walking the same shoes on the same journey!! Now, I just need funds to get together a website... Oh bummer. The many roadblocks thanks to lack of funds. One day...

Onto other exciting notes in regards to IES... We have our first baby baking!!!!!!! Oh, I'm so very excited for them!!!! Can't wait for the next meeting when it's officially told to the other ladies! :-)

Um... Other exciting stuff. I'm really loving my new position at work. I even have my own e-mail address! (I can't remember it as it's super duper long AND has a thousand .'s in it! LOL)

Onto sad and frustrating and waiting on a miracle news. My cousin, whom I just found out was pg a few days ago, is now in limbo as her beta (Hcg) numbers are dropping instead of doubling and it's not looking so hot at this moment. I'm so praying that God works a miracle as they so desperately wanted this baby! They tried and tried and after four long years, SURPRISE! I am praying, and hope you all pray, for a miracle for her as she has a follow up ultra sound to check for a heartbeat. My heart just breaks for them...

THIS is what frustrates me. This is when God and I have a serious chat about His plans. WHY?? really. Why take this baby when it's already so deeply loved by so many? Why not just not give a baby to someone who's going to abuse and have their child taken away anyways... Wouldn't THAT make more sense? Ah! To know the ultimate plan. It is so hard to just trust His will sometimes... To know that HE does know what's going on in all of our lives and it will be used for His will ultimately, if we let it.

And no, that's not all that I have to say about that but for now, that's all the frustration I will type out. :-)

Anyone have any big plans for Halloween Eve??? I'm curious... Does anyone have any traditions that do NOT include trick-or-treating or perhaps even dressing up?? Whare are "out of the norm" traditions that are practiced around the world???

Be safe!

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