Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Unfortunately I must report this.

First off, ARGH! Secondly, Bethany Christian Services sent me an e-mail informing me that they have chosen to go with another candidate. UGH!

I know. It wasn't meant to be. I SO wanted that position!!!! I know God has the perfect job out there, waiting for me... I'm trying to be patient and appreciate my little part-time job at Lowe's. Can I have a rant on that one too??? :-)

I have been working TWO days a week. yes, TWO and like five hours a day. Can you guess how many days I'm working the week Charles gets here AND that he has 12 days straight off for an "adjustment" period?? That next week I am working FOUR days! :-( I know that sounds really lazy of me. It's not that I don't want to work. It's just that I'd rather spend the time with my husband who I have only seen a few times since he left in May and have not seen at all since July 4. :-( I miss my husband!!!!! But I am going to ask and be rather persistant with getting off August 30 weekend (yes, I do believe that is Labor Day weekend) as that is our FIFTH Anniversary! :-) Can you believe it's been five years??? Holy cow!

K. I'm off to find something cholocaty or something "comforting". I knew I wanted Cold Stone Ice Cream before I left Lowe's (it's in the parking lot) but didn't stop... :-(

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