Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today is THE day!

Let's see if I can't tell this story with pictures only... And for those who don't quite get it, I'll fill in the blanks with words, k? :-)

"Charles, AKA Hubby"

**For those that quite didn't follow... Charles is leaving Oklahoma City, OK where he has been at the FAA's Academy learning his new job as an Air Traffic Controller and is coming home to Missouri, our new home, TODAY! Blunt enough?? :-)**

HE PASSED!!!!!!! HE PASSED!!!! HE PASSED!!!! He IS coming home today!!!!! ;-)


squirrelgirl said...

HOORAY!!! Hooray for Charles passing, and Hooray for Charles coming home! I hope his travels are safe and that your reunion is as precious as I think it will be. Enjoy!

Making Babies said...

YAY, I'm sure you are enjoying the home coming :)