Sunday, August 10, 2008

To our parents and all our family members...

I just figured I would provide an adequate "heads up" warning that you all need to start saving, NOW! :-) Our babies are going to require lots of stuff and well, I just wanted to go ahead and share that "stuff" with you so you know how much to save, k?

Their are some items that are a necessity for either gender that once the baby is here, can become gender specific. This would include.. (Pics aren't working anymore! ARGH! Follow the link to see it all!

Baby Bassinet for $850

For when they are older, a Tumble Outpost for $122,730
And, for a boy their door will be this...
And a girl, this...

Let's start if we have a little boy... His room is going to be decked out in, ready, FLY FISHING!!! haha! It all started as the name plaque matches one of my favorite little boys names!!! :-) Yes, Aiden is a top choice for me!

The name Plaque is $35
The Tuffet is $550
The Chair and Table set is $1,160
The Canvas is $130
The Oval Heighchair is $775
And Lastly, the Fly Fishing Crib is $2,700!

Now, if your jaw has dropped on the floor, leave it there... :-) For that is just for the boys NURSERY! Outside play will consist of nothing less than a Fort AND a pirate's ship.
Now, this is Fort Bethesda and it is only $75, 340! What a STEAL!!!! :-)

The Pirate's Ship is $52,000

So, there you have it! If we have a boy, this will all be on our list!

Now, if we have a GIRL... THESE will be on HER list! (All the sudden pics aren't working anymore so you'll have to follow the above link to see these items!)
Princess Coach Crib for $4, 760 which will be upgraded to the "Fantasy Coach bed" for $47,000!
With such extravagent bed furniture, she will NEED the Glass Slipper Chandelier for $1,005
Fair tale wall hanging for $162
Garden Scroll Rug for $270
She also needs outdoor playhouses to include the Le Petit Chalet for $48, 830
As well as Sophia's Magical Windmill Playhouse for $38,000 and in here she'll have her collection of baby dolls that all have to have their own mini Heirloom Canopy Doll Crib and Linens for $2,200

Well, since the photos aren't working, it kind of takes away from it all... Oh well! Perhaps this will make what we really select all the more appealing knowing it's only a fraction of the price of what is really out there!!! haha!! :-) And no, I do not see how ANYONE can spend that kind of money on a crib, a TUFFET, a playhouse, or whatever! That's absolutely INSANE!!!!!! (If you are that type of person reading this, please do explain how you do this and how it makes you feel to waste all that money on something that will only be used for a small period of time... Oh, and if you're interested in donating to someone, please do e-mail me for I'll be your charity!!!)

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squirrelgirl said...

I didn't even know there really WAS such a thing as a "tuffet" *grin* I agree with you - such a shameful waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere. But I guess those people are smarter than I am because they HAVE the money and I don't!