Monday, August 18, 2008

Teacher: Mrs. Swann?

This post is for all those past, present, and future teachers that may read my blog! I want to know your thoughts and opinions!!!!

So, here's the background... In high school I was gladly apart of the "Teacher Cadet" program my Junior and Senior years. I LOVE this class! I was able to go to my once Elementary school and was assigned to an AMAZING Kindergarten teacher whom I was with everyday! I "taught" the class for about two hours everyday and absolutely loved every moment of this! I could not have asked for a better teacher to study under! I thought for sure I was going to go to college and get my degree in Early Childhood Edu so that I too, can be a Kindergarten teacher. My last day with this teacher, she gave me a beautiful card, mini book on Teachers, and a beautiful necklace. (Which I still have all to this day!)

When I entered college, I was one of the few that signed in with an actual degree (Early Childhood Education) opposed to the 'Undecided' a majority of my freshman classmates listed. Late into my first year, I realized that although I was still interested in this field, I did not have the option of dedicating a year (one full school year) to student teaching and since it was required in the completion of the degree, I switched majors to Sociology.

I now have a BS in Human Services/Management and while I have not thought about teaching in some time on a serious level, it has been a continuous thought process of my and Charles. I have been told my NUMEROUS people, to a point of not wanting to do it just to buck against everyone, that I should be a teacher that "I'd be so good at it" and "I have the skills needed" and all that other jazz.

I think this has added to my want to NOT do it as I'm afraid of letting everyone down who ever believed in me... That I'd let all those kids I am responsible for, down. That I would let myself down. I'd just fail MISERABLY!

On top of that... I so very much enjoyed teaching Kindergarten under the fantastic watch of this teacher but yeah, I didn't write ANY of the curriculum and just did what she guided me to do! How in the world do you start your own curriculum? How do you make sure you're doing the right activities for your particular classroom and meeting all the needs of the children in your room? HOW?????? AH! It scares the living crap out of me!

So, all this may end up being for nothing but it's certainly on my mind right now... If this is where God wants me to be, so be it. I'll survive. I hope. All those that are teachers, no matter your classroom level, EXPECT many phone calls from me to pick your brain!!!!! :-) That is, if all this comes through. I'm excited about it. Trusting that if God takes me to it, He'll bring me through it!

So, thoughts???

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Making Babies said...

Your question: All the HOWs?????? The answer: You won't know until you try it. I'm sure you would be great at anything you put your mind to. You just have that quality. :)