Thursday, August 7, 2008

I deserve an award.

Why might you ask? Well, because tonight was the first night that I cooked dinner for myself!!! And no, I did not have any dinner company to encourage me to do this... The next question is probably something along the lines of, "If this is the first night to cook dinner for yourself and Charles has been gone since the end of May...Um, what exactly have you been eating?" Well, GREAT question! :-) I, yours truly, have been surviving off of cereal, banana and peanut butter sandwiches, turkey/chicken and cheese sandwiches, and um yeah that'd be about it...

So, tonight I made myself (okay, it's still a "boxed" dinner as most of the ingredients are in the box) a Sun Dried tomato and basil linguine (sp?)! Oh course, chicken added too! It's one of those put together boxes from Maccaroni Grill and I must say it was not too bad... I made my chicken and cut it into itty bitty pieces, added the milk, and butter and BAM! Dinner! :-) (And leftovers for lunch and dinner tomorrow night too!)

The other delicious part of my dinner is a MIGHTY thanks to the in-laws for bringing over the microwave so that I could use my latest and greatest clearance steal! :-) I got the Glade Microwave ziploc steamer bags! I used frozen broccoli and "steamed" them in these nifty bags in the microwave and wal-ah! Delicious broccoli added to my dinner! :-) I would certainly say to invest in those bags as know what else they are good for?? You don't have to wash!!!! Just toss them in the trash and you're good to to! ;-) haha!!! (Gosh, is my horrible housewife side coming out or what?? Anyone feeling sorry for Charles yet?? LOL)

So, anyone have any other cooking tips they can share in a small post?? ;-)

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