Tuesday, July 15, 2008


For those that were worried I was going crazy the other day with that last post, I'm all good now. :-) First off, I handled some things between God and myself. And now, 24 hours later than originally needed it, I have FOUND my checkbook!!!! :-) YIPPEE!!! I guess beggers can't be choosers in stuff, huh??

Okay, back to unpacking but let me say that I am very much in a better mood and in higher spirits today!!!! ;-) No fear, the sun is still shinning down upon me! I've got God's "love rays" bestowed upon my house and within my life! *For those that don't understand. I'll have to explain my "vision" that I've had ever since I was a child about the suns rays... :-)

And here's love from Missouri to you!!!!!

P.S. Notice the NEWness of the blog?? Yeah, scroll down and you'll see it! :-) What ya think? Gone overboard, not enough, or just right??

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