Sunday, July 13, 2008

Is it hitting me yet??

It's been a rough day for me. :-( It started out okay, but as the day grew on things just came up. Not a whole lot in particular with one aspect but the combo of it all just sucks.

I started out the day trying a new church. 2 Rivers located in Wentzville, MO. I was late, of course, getting there but really enjoyed what I did hear. The only thing I do not agree with them on is that they are looking for a full-time preschool pastor and only will consider males for the position as they feel only males should be in these types of roles. I disagree with this. But hey, if this is the only thing I disagree with them on then we're doing a-okay!

I like the preaching. It was very much a life application message on Integrity. The worship, what I saw anyways, was really neat. Very contemporary like Crossroads and what I enjoy and am used to. They are currently meeting in a high school so I'm HOPING that it's due to being relatively new and not the lack of growth for whatever reason. :-)

Oh, and one of their songs they played that they learned from Big Stuf in Panama City, FL they attended on 06/18/08 time frame. Pretty neat! :-) I just cannot believe they DROVE from Wentzville, MO to Panama City, FL with all those middle/high schoolers!!!! LOL Boy am I glad I was not a chaperone on that trip!!! haha!

So, I contacted them about more information on their "Home Teams" aka Community Groups (Crossroads folks be proud, why? Becuase everyone needs to be in a Community Group!!! See, I learned SOMETHING after going for what, 17 years? LOL)

The rest of the stuff is not appropriate to post on here. But just know it's really starting to wear on me that I know NO ONE here. I ask people what to do/where to meet people around here and I get the usual "Bars, clubs, etc" and I'm like um, those are not the type of people I want to meet though! I want COUPLE friends here that Charles and I can hang out with when he gets here and live life with. This whole being without a job, sucks. I miss my husband who is 6+ hours from me and whom I will not be able to see again until he is permanently here August 21... My dogs are driving me insane with their attention wanting and being in a new place and not having a yard and all.

Oh, and I have managed to "lose" my checkbook. I put that in quotations as I KNOW it's here, somewhere. I just could have sworn it was in my blue basket I always kept it in along with the Verizon bill to be paid and sure enough I knew exactly where the blue basket was but no checkbook OR Verizon bill... ARGH! I NEED this checkbook for tomorrow to get my renters/car insurance at noon AND to just dag gum balance my book!!! (Yes dad. You should be proud that I balance my checkbook.) ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've walked all around our house a thousand times talking/screaming/laughing/begging/pleading/asking God to reveal my checkbook to me and I imagine Him walking beside me going "hot, hot, hot, hot, hotter, hotter, hotest, hotest, HOT, HOT, HOT, COLD! Woman, what are you thinking?? You were RIGHT there!!!" I am no longer unpacking boxes in an appropriate manner but more like dumping the boxes in the middle of the floor throughout our house and rummenging through the stuff and when no checkbook to be found I do this to more boxes and then change rooms as the floor is COVERED in crap!

Oh, and I'm so nervous and excited about this job, or shall I use the term CAREER, interview I have on Thursday!!! I want this position SO bad!!! I feel like it's so exactly what I'm looking for and the potential to move into other positions (aka, Adoption Associated Specific) and just move up. I'm just nervous as I don't know if I would be good at the position... I guess it is a good thing the interview is so far out as I can get all my ducks in a row but bad as I stew over the position and what it would mean both the good and the bad...

Okay, I guess since I've run out of things to post about now I should get back to dumping boxes out on the floor and shuffling through them... Oh the joys of moving! haha!!! Pray for my sanity, k?? :-)


squirrelgirl said...

Meghan - {{HUGS}} to you. It sounds like you're having a very frustrating time, with many different things contributing. I hope you've found your checkbook by now; I can't even tell you how many times I've done that, and I'm not even unpacking a house full of boxes! Cut yourself some slack. I had to laugh at your image of God playing Hot/Cold with you, though. Regarding the jobless situation - the answer may present itself this week. It sounds like the nanny thing didn't work out for a reason. Just keep thinking positive thoughts and try not to get too upset over it. And perhaps the new church is the answer to finding a social circle, at least to start with. I'm sure it's harder for you being alone right now to meet couples than it will be when Charles gets there. Then you'll get to start doing things together, and opportunities will arise. I know you miss him, but just remember that his absence is only temporary, and will give him a whole new career to explore once he returns. Deep breaths, my dear - this, too, shall pass!

squirrelgirl said...

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