Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Here are some LONG awaited photos...

Okay, since I cannot figure out how to get this darn thing to work, You've gotta just work with me on the whole order of these photos, k?? :-)

Me, Me at Graduation (YES! College graduate here!!!), Mom and I, Charles and I, Charles and I, and Charles goofin'. The goofy ones of Charles and I were taken Fourth of July weekend when he came to Lake Saint Louis, MO for the first time to see where our new home is! :-)

So, think I should add some in here of the pups too?? :-) Heck, why not!

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squirrelgirl said...

Wow, oh wow! How busy you've been with the move, the job (NOT!) and settling into the house. I'm sorry the job didn't work out but hopefully you'll find something better. Love the pics - you look fantastic!