Tuesday, July 1, 2008

HELLO Lake Saint Louis, Missouri

This morning Daniel and I left Dad and Jodi's driveway at 6:33am. Me, for the last time calling Georgia home and him, just for a little "vacation" if you would even call it that... :-) Tears were shed. Hugs and kisses given. Goodbye's said. We left at the PERFECT time! We escaped virtually ALL traffic it was WONDERFUL! :-)

The trip was okay. Nothing exciting, thankfully. Daniel slept or listened to his music 90% of the way while I jammed to my own music (you know Backstreet Boys was booming!) and sang to the top of my lungs without hurting any poor bystanders ears. We drugged the dogs (Thank God for xanax for dogs!!!) and they were the best! I'll NEVER take another road trip with the dogs without this miracle drug!!! This photo is proof that he slept... Just not for how long! LOL

We made it to Lake Saint Louis about 5pm CST (Yes, Missouri is one hour behind EST aka Georgia) and it was excellent. The house was not exactly what I envisioned but as the days progress, I'm getting more and more used to it especially as our stuff fills the rooms instead of focusing on stained carpets, poorly painted walls, and small rooms... The basement with the HUGE rec room is my absolute favorite!!!! We've got the big screen TV set up down there and plan on putting all the game systems and such along with it! It's awesome!!!

So, looking back that's about it for the first day. Yes, I'm actually writing this on July 8 but am dating it the day it occured, k? :-)

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