Monday, June 30, 2008


Today was difficult on so many levels. I started the day by getting the U-Haul Trailer after getting the oil changed and tires rotated. Let me first off say that i will not listen to anyone else's advice when it comes to things, K? After all the many lectures I received from the numerous people I spoke with in regards to towing the trailer (it's a 8' X 5') the ONE piece of advice that I would have found the most useful never even crossed the tounge of the first person... After driving a few feet my heart was in my throat! No one ever mentioned that the car would feel like the engine is blowing up and it would vibrate like crazy... Gee, thanks. Instead I drove all the way home thinking the car was going to EXPLODE!!!!!!!! if you are going to give advice, PLEASE give USEFUL advice... ;-)

I met up with my mom and spent the afternoon running errands and having lunch and of course ice cream. then came the hard goodbyes... Although I have had the good days and bad days with my folks, i love them dearly. They are indeed my parents... :-) It is going to be so different being somewhere and not having the capabilities to just hop in the car and see them at anytime. instead, it's going to take some great planning but will certainly happen!

I have such a range of emotions. I feel guilty for causing such hurt on my family for leaving. i feel guilty as I'm still excited about going. I feel guilty for being selfish and looking forward to starting a fresh adventure with just Charles and I. No one will know our (okay, my) past. no one will question me on how I "feel" in regards to the major life changes my family has gone through. Those that will know us will only know what we choose to share... :-) THIS is the exciting part. i do hope it is a great thing for everyone and we'll be supported throughout it all!!!!

i have no doubt i will get homesick. I have no doubt I am going to cry like a baby tomorrow as I'm driving away. I'm not going to be in denial that this is going to be tough... I just want everyone to know that I love them and thank them for being there for us both through this!!

Daniel and my dad packed up the trailer and i'm all set and ready to go for tomorrow!!!! I am planning on pulling out of the driveway at 5:32 AM for a LLLLOOOONNNNGGG ride ahead of us.

Oh, on another completely random note. God has a mighty funny sense of humor! :-) A couple days ago I made the comment that I did want to get online for a LONG time! LOL well, then I realized that I've gotta update my blog and took back what I said. Low and behold, um, today i made a phone call and was told that indeed no one can come and hook up Cable/Internet/Phone until July 11!!!! LOL What am i going to do?? haha!!! I guess I'll have a ton of scrapbooks done... :-) So, no updates between now and then as this is my final post before leaving!

Please pray that Daniel and I have a safe trip there and him a safe flight back on Saturday! Pray that Charles flies to Saint Louis safely on Friday for the weekend together. Pray that we get settled in quickly and we find a new home church soon! :-)

Alright, I guess I'm done rambling... Gotta make it long enough to last the next 10 days! have a wonderful and happy Fourth of July and be safe!!!!!! Lots of love from us!!!! :-)


squirrelgirl said...

Wishing safe travels to you, Daniel and Charles! Miss K and I will be waiting for your next update - hopefully full of good news about how you're settling into your new home :-)

Making Babies said...

Megs, miss you so much already. I don't like you not having access to the internet. :( Hope you are having fun settling into your new home. x x x

Annie Kates said...

We miss you! Hurry up internet connections!