Sunday, June 29, 2008


I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! I walked across that stage without tripping!!!!!! :-) I received my diploma (well, the makeshift one) this afternoon! I was watched proudly on by my husband, mom, Ray, dad, Jodi, three brothers, and Chad! :-) I cannot believe this day has come! I really won't believe I'm done until I can have a whole day of thinking that not the first thought of school enters my brain! ;-) Oh, what a feeling... AAAAhhhhhh

Although the ovearll ceremony was amazing, their were three things that irritated me. Two significiantly more-so than others. The first was as the singers were preparing for the National Anthem, four military guys were walking forward carrying our flags. Instead of the audience being RESPECTFUL they start hollaring student's names, screaming, and waving their arms frantically around. Finally, others in the audience started to boo these loud mouths and the auditorium was calm again.

Secondly, after all those receiving thier Bachelors degree sat, the Masters and Doctorial programs had their turn. A steady line of individuals receiving their Bachelors degree were getting up and LEAVING in the middle of the other degree programs!!!!! Talk about RUDE! I saw multiple (at least five) people on their cell phones and some using them while walking from the commencement. I cannot believe the lack of class these individuals have...

Thirdly. So very important. I was sad as we were not invited to throw our hats in the air! :-( Instead we were onlly instructed to switch our tassles from the right to the left side.

I will post pics when I get time... Oh, i will be So glad when that excuse is vanished... :-)

On a sad note. I had to take my hubby back to the airport tonight to fly back. :-( I miss him So very dearly... Boy am I glad I get to see him for THREE days this next weekend due to July 4!


squirrelgirl said...

Congratulations, Graduate!!! You should be SO proud of your accomplishment. FWIW, When I graduated college many, many years ago (1991) and got my Masters (1993) they didn't invite us to throw our caps either - we just did it!

Making Babies said...

Girl, I'm so very proud of you!!!! A massive congrats. I know how hard you worked. I guess we will only hear from you next weekend. But please know I'm wishing you everything of the best with the move!! x x x