Saturday, April 12, 2008

We got an OFFER!!!!

We are officially in negotiation stages but we got a GREAT offer!!! It comes out to be $108 per SF and in Coweta County that is considered A LOT!!! :-) We're SO excited! They want to close May 23, 2008... Now, to make things a bit more stressful is I'm starting TWO classes (it is only recommended to take one at a time as they are a LOT of work...) 4/22 and those will be done 5/26! So this next month is going to be KILLER on me!!! I will not turn down any offered help so don't offer unless you're willing to really HELP! :-)

Now onto the exciting part... I have those two classes until 5/26 and then I start my absolute LAST CLASS EVER for my Bachelors degree!!!!!!!!! :-) Now THAT could not be anymore exciting if you ask me!!!

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