Monday, April 14, 2008

Signed and moving forward!

We have officially recieved our signed copy of the contract we have on our house!!! Tomorrow the inspector is coming out to check out the house and make sure it's liveable... :-) Um, and then we have to have an appraisal done (they pay for that!) and we're keeping everything crossed it appriased for at least $162,700!!! That's what they're financing and well, if it comes in lower or anything then the mortgage company won't finance it! Ah! I hate this whole house recession thing... But regardless, we're excited to be moving forward!

On another note... I went to a new gyno today to talk well about getting me knocked up. :-) *Doesn't that sound SO lady like?? haha!!* I go on Friday for a Progesterone test to check if I have Ovulated yet or not and to do a fasting insulin levels... I'm PRAYING that my insulin levels are normal and therefore no pressure to go on Metformin. AH! PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE!!!! When I last had the test done, October 2006, my levels were only slightly elevated but still considered normal just not at the number or below they wished it would be. I was also 30 pounds heavier then so I'm hoping that with the weight loss and drastic change in eating habits over the last like 6 weeks (on the South Beach Diet) I will be perfectly fine! :-) Yeah, i'm hoping too that I have ovulated already but not so much that my insulin levels are normal!!! The new gyno has a plan of action for me/us regardless of how the tests turn out and we'll decide what we want to pursue on Monday (that's when we'll find out the results) and go from there...

K, off to rest, relax, and take something for this headache of mine! :-( I guess nothing works miracles as I went for my second acu visit today and it's still here... Oh well!


Bryan & Kim said...

I didn't know you guys were trying to get pregnant. I thought you were just going to let it happen if it happened. So you are officially trying trying??

Nicki said...

Good luck with the house AND the dr.! I hope it all works out perfectly for you two!