Friday, April 4, 2008

My first acupuncture visit...

Yes, this morning I ventured into Peachtree City, my whopping 10 minutes drive, for my very first acupuncturist visit. I'll bring you up to speed on how and why this came about... Before anyone bashes my decision to visit an acupuncturist, as someone else put it, they are obviously doing something right with their use of acu and making babies as they are WAY over populated and down to a single baby limit!

First off, back in 2005 while working at the Bank I had these HORRID shoes I got and well, wearing them every day did nerve damage in my right pinky toe. :-( Ever since, it occassionally acts up and disappears. It's more annoying than anything else. So, I've been complaining about my pinky toe and Charles tells me to go see an acupuncturist. I'm like yeah, whatever. I push it aside. Well, once we dove into the pool of trying to have a baby, I have read a TON of material and one thing that always comes up when it comes to naturally TTC is acupuncture. I figured it would be a good excuse to use my pinky toe to go and see what they had to say in regards to PCOS and TTC...

So, I schedule an appointment with a lady who came highly recommended by a lady my mom works with. She told me the first apptointment is two full hours and I was like holy cow. But, she wants to not be rushed and go over everything, yes, everything! I walked in and this petite lady who reminded me SO much of my Aunt Judi greeted me. She was so nice and welcoming and just made me feel so comfortable. We sat in her office and chatted for about an hour. I figured since I was there, I would lay out EVERYTHING I could possibly think of! LOL I mentioned first off, my pinky toe, then moved onto my all the sudden sinus problems (thanks to the pollen that is blanketing my car), the occassional sciatia (sp?) nerve issues, and the last two days worth of backaches. At the end I brought up PCOS and that is where she had a field day talking about how acu helps so much and it's more of an overall wellbeing than just the acu and yada yada yada! She spoke so confidently and provided me lots of reassurance that not "IF" I get pregnant but "WHEN" I do... We then proceeded to the acu room.

Here, starting face down, she told me that I am allowed to feel the needle go in but immediately following I should not feel the needle at all. I said okay. She then said, okay, you have the first needle in. I was in shock as I did not feel anything! :-) YEAH!!! Okay, I will say that I did feel a couple of the needles but they did immediately go away to feeling absolutely nothing. I think she put like six or seven in various spots on my back. Then I laid there for about 30 minutes with this quiet peaceful music playing with dimmed lights. I was almost asleep when she entered to inform me to turn onto my back. Here she put two needles on each arm, one in my right pinky toe acu point, one on the top of each foot, one at each hip bone area, and like four right at my panties line. Almost immediately I felt what I describe as "Fish swimming around in my stomach" and she said, great! you're feeling the energy move! :-) YEAH!!! I felt something! This continued throughout my appointment and into the couple hours to follow the appointment. I again laid there in peace and quiet, minus the toilet that was upstairs that kept being flushed and thus hearing the romantic water flowing through the pipes to only disappear, for about 30 minutes... It was SO relaxing and forced me to just breathe and be still.

Afterwards, I met Amelia and family up for lunch (well, I didn't eat as I had leftovers at home from the delicious dinner Matthew and Chad made last night!) and hung out for a couple of hours and then here I sit, relaxing watching the clock tick by until I get to pick hubby up from the airport!!!! ;-) YEAH!!!!!

So, the hopes are with this acu that not only will my pinky toe be 100% back to normal but that it will help my uterus accept a fertilized eggie and produce a baby!!!!! Until that time comes, I will thoroughly enjoy the relaxation it provides me and all the other healing properties that come along with it!

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Lolita said...

ive never heard a bad thing about acu's.
i have NO clue how it works, well i do with the pressure spots and zones and chai and chakras etc.. but in reality/scientifically, how does it work?

if it makes you relax in peace and quiet for 30 minutes and think of nothing else... i think your getting your moneys worth!

good luck with this. hopefully your toe and uterus both improve