Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday. Another day.

Today, although Monday, was a day to both look forward to and one I was rather nervous about. I worked in the AM. Had another acu visit at 2pm which was WONDERFUL yet again... :-) I LOVE it. I even fell asleep this time! Then tonight we were having Matt's 30th Birthday party at our house. He only wanted family which is great but also nerve wracking as to how everyone would be under one roof... Yes, that was particulary with mom and dad and each their spouses. I'm SO thankful that everything went wonderfully!!!! :-) Unfortunately Ray was sick and unable to attend but everyone else was here and I had fun and believe everyone else did too!

In saying this, I am NOT expecting this to be an everyday occurance but it is nice to know that each can be civil when it comes to big events that all are invited to (HINT HINT HINT) as in my graduation in just under 10 weeks!!! :-)

I'll post pics in a bit...

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