Thursday, April 24, 2008


This has been one of the most frustrating processes I have ever experienced!!!! It has taken me almost ONE full week to find out my test results!!! AHHH!!! But finally, I have them. ReadY?? This was one of my "tests" to see if my adhereance to the South Beach Diet is indeed paying off in more than me loosing weight...

As a reminder! In order for me to have been considered to have Ovulated my Progesterone levels need to be at least 3.3 or higher. And for the Fasting Insulin anything below 17 is normal. 10-17 is considered to be Insulin Resistant or Pre-Diabetic with ideally being below 10.

So, the results are... Drum roll please!!!!

Progesterone 0.5 (yeah, no Ovulation but that's okay) and Fasting Insulin 3!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOO!!!! Yes, I am jumping up and down as I type this!!!!!!!! When I had my levels checked 10/06 they were 12.6 so that is a HUGE drop!!!!

He informed me that with that number he is not even considering putting me on Metformin!!!! :-) YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm not excited or anything...)

So, his POA for me includes starting Provera (Synthetic Progesterone to trick my body into thinking I did Ovulate and in two weeks having a nice period to "clean me out". On day 3 of my new cycle to come in and have an Endometrial Biopsy done (yes, I hurt just thinking about it!) and get a rx for Femera (An Ovulation inducer medication). When I asked him if I should do anything this cycle with the amount of stress I'm under in regards to selling the house, double the class load, and two jobs he said yes as I am stuck in a "cycle rut" where I am not ovulating and unless I do something to change this it will continue on as is and I'll never get pg. He said even if I want to prevent this cycle that's fine but my body needs to re-learn how to ovulate and have a normal cycle.

So after talking thoroughly with Charles about this, we have decided to move forward with this plan. Not sure if we're going to TRY or Prevent this cycle but we'll come there when we get there... :-) I called the office and had them call in the Provera rx and will pick it up after work.

So, on my way to Publix to pick up my rx Charles and I had a nice talk... more like me stressing out and wondering what to do/not to do. I was then greeted by a new Pharmacist who was a petite thin lady. She was VERY helpful in getting the insurance info straightened out (it was not updated) and then proceeded to ask me about taking Provera and instructed me out. THEN went even further to ask why i was taking it and when I told her to bring on my period we had a nice chat about that and started talking even more about the fertility stuff. She shared that she too has PCOS (which I am no longer considered PCOS just PCO as with not having Insulin Resistance it's not the syndrome just the ovaries) but has one miracle child. She said how she believed that this would do the trick for me and that "He" has a plan and it's all in "His" timing as we just have to be patient and trust. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear and from the person I needed to hear it from!!! :-) I think she is my Angel Pharmacist...

So, tonight I popped my first two pills of Provera... Will see what the next 9 days bring for me!!

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