Sunday, March 9, 2008

We're READY!!!

Yesterday we ventured out... It was "payback" for the day I gave Charles on Friday but I won't go there. LOL Let's just say I rode his patiences all day Friday for various reasons none of which I did on purpose...

Okay, so only a fraction of us is ready for this big move to Michigan! We went yesterday to the dealership to look for a car for Charles... We are trading in his Grand Prix GTP as it's SO low to the ground and with all that snow, their is no way he would make it through! LOL So, we're at the dealership (Auction Direct and it's AWESOME and if you go, refer us! ;-) They are SO much less expensive then other places... Believe us, we drove around that day to a few places before landing there...) and checking out trucks/SUVs and I find a Honda Pilot!! I LOVE those SUVs!!!! We also found a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, Mercury Mariner, and another Mercury Mountaineer. They didn't have any trucks that struck our fancy. Our only qualifications was it HAD to be either AWD or 4X4 so we could drive and be safe in Michigan.

So, we test drove these vehicles... Out of all of them, the Honda Pilot was number 1 and the Jeep Cherokee number 2! So, we talked with the people and made a deal X 2! :-) We traded "keys for keys" with Charles car since it is paid off for the Cherokee and I traded in my Mercury Mountaineer for the Honda Pilot! :-) On my car we actually lowered the payment which is even better! :-) So we now have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4X4 and a 2004 Honda Pilot EX AWD (goes into 4X4 when needed)! :-) We LOVE our new cars! I'll post pics later!

(Insert pics of vehicles here)

And whilest we were out, someone freaking STOLE our Realtot's sign from our front yard in the middle of the day!!!!! WHAT THE CRAP?? They did not touch any of the other signs in our neigbhorhood but stole that and all our brochures but left the brochure holder thingy... Weird. So we keep joking with our agent telling her she must have really pissed off someone! LOL

And onto today...

Alex had her baby shower today. It was a double shower with another family friend of theirs and whom we went to high school with. Anyways, Alex is HUGE! (I say that with love! LOL) She looks absolutely great though, ALL belly!!! I saw my little Caleb and he's so grown up looking now... :-( He'll be 5 in June and it just does not seem right for time to be going by that quickly!

Everyone was wearing name tags and Caleb insisted on writing mine and he actually did pretty good... Here's what it looks like:

Alex really made out on gifts though! :-) BUT, the absolute best part was that I got to feel "Cole" move!!!! I kept putting my hands on her belly and would feel him move! One time it felt like he was rolling around! It was the absolute neatest thing ever!!!!!! :-) Ah, I hope I can experience that one day via my insides! haha! Yes, Alex, although it was super neat feeling "Cole" move, it was great catching up with you as well! :-)

Then I come home and my oh so wonderful husband has dinner almost ready to go... :-) Gosh I love him!!! And not because he cooks. LOL :-)

So now that I have a full tummy (which WAS a South Beach dinner and absolutely delicious) and have updated, it's time to work on homework... Ah, June 30, 2008 CANNOT come fast enough!!!!

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