Monday, March 31, 2008

This is Charles and I, throwing our hands up in the air!

*Read all the way through as it gets interesting and it changes...*

Without getting too long, I'll provide the Reader's Digest Version...

Charles got a phone call today to "verify" he is denying his interview/physical all day thing for the Air Traffic Control position. He was like um, no I'm not denying it. Needless to say, lots of phone calls were made and in the end we found out that he was never even considered for anywhere in Micigan or on the Atlanta list. He was considered for Waterloo, Iowa but somehow denied that position uknowingly. Um, and currently he is on the selection list for Washington State (Auburn and Seattle), Kansas (Olathe and Witichia, i'd learn how to spell it first), and Ohio statewide. The selection boards must first meet and if they select him THEN he will proceed to the interview/physical all day event at the next available time...

So, as the title clearly states, Charles and I are throwing our hands in the air going WHO KNOWS and moving on with our lives. No more putting "things" on hold for the future "what ifs" that may or may not come about. It's all just so frustrating and stressful and whatever adjective you wish to put in there...

So, please pray for us. For patience. For guideance. For trusting faith. For a sense of peace.

Thanks guys! Will keep updating when things happen...

Now on a slightly happier note and yet still oh so frustrating! (If you care to know or not, I'm posting!)

So, when I ventured to the herb shop a week or so ago for something for Charles, I found something for me too. :-) It's called Cycle 1 - Estrogenic and Cycle 2 - Progesterone and it's supposed to regulate your cycles and without going into explaination on my issues, the lady said it's worked wonderful for those she knows with PCOS and one flight attendent in the area even used it twice, each time she got pregnant with her kids. :-)

I think the Vitex I have been taking is REALLY starting to regulate or do something with my cycles ! :-) YEAH!!! And I'm hoping with seeing the acupuncturist (first off for the nerve in my pinky toe) she'll be able to help with regulating as well. I've got a lot to look forward to!

And that's it for the Swann household... Like that's not enough! LOL BUT, only 11 weeks 6 days until GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, all that was written prior to about 4pm and now at just after 7pm the news changes, yet again. :-) Gotta LOVE the federal government...

So, Charles recieved a return phone call from a lady who is in charge of the applicant processing and the all day hiring events... So, she calls him and informs him that the places he is on the selection list for are metting next week, the 7th and 8th for Centers. The states are, in this order to their meetings, Cleveland, Ohio (Looking for 66 NEW trainees), Olathe, Kansas (Looking for 82 NEW trainees), and finally Seattle, Washington (Looking for 50 NEW trainees).

Once they meet next week, no one else is going to meet until early May and there are 32 states that are meeting for Termianl Positions (different from Centers) and the order of meeting is Washington 4th (Looking for 17 NEW trainees) and Ohio 19th (Looking for 5 NEW trainees).

SSOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo... Make what you wish out of that. :-)

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