Friday, March 14, 2008

Please Pray for Hannah!!!

Little Hannah was diagnosed with Stage 3 Rhabdomyosarcoma-emdryomal cancer all this week.

I cared for Hannah while working at Discovery Point for a couple years and her mom worked there as well so we spent quite a few nap times chatting about life. Hannah will be 6 July 4 so this is a lot that she is going through right now!

A song that keeps being recommended is Held by Natalie Grant also sung by Amy Grant.

Another video I stumbled across is by Newsboys, When the Tears Fall.

Just please keep Hannah and her family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this! If you wish to read her blog you may do so at:
Now on a different note...

I am SO frustrated at Wachovia, where Charles currently works!!!! Yeah, he is expected to go into work tomorrow without pay on what they call, "Personal Committment Time"! What the crap is that?? Yeah, it technically weights out as he is leaving early today and going in tomorrow but STILL!!! Wachovia finds every way possible to screw him over and it is just NOT cool!!! I'm SO ready for him to just quit and be done with them as they are treating him horribly as well... He's got such a great attitude towards it though! He is not only talking this talk but is walking the walk... He says he wants to do all he can so that if he fails, he will have a peace that he did everything he possibly could and he sure is. I am the one with the sour attitude towards them. My husband has grown SO much it absolutely amazes me and I am SO proud of him!!!

Now yet for another topic...

I had a very pleasant dream last night. LOL If only it would come true....... I won't share as then it may prevent it from coming true! haha!! Kind of like when you blow out your cake's candles, you are not supposed to tell of your wish or else it won't come true. :-)

One more exciting topic to share....

15 WEEKS 3 DAYS until Bachelor's Degree in HAND!!!!!!!!

Not that I'm particuarly counting or anything. :-)

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