Saturday, March 1, 2008

Patience, Yes God, Patience...

We have come to the conclusion that God is trying to mold us into better people... To be more trusting of Him. To learn to just have faith and walk as He wants us to. I believe He is really doing a majority of this through the whole changing of careers with the FAA.

So, you are asking why's this? What's happened now? Well....

Charles just got on the website and checked his status updates. According to this website, he has been turned down for a position in Michigan! WHAT?? This is who selected him to attend the all day interview/physical/etc. event April 9th!!! So, he's trying to get some answers and probably won't until the beginning/middle of next week. Yes, THIS is where Patience comes into place and just trusting that God has it all worked out.

The other lists that he has been turned down for a position include Champagne, Illinois; Nebraska; and Michigan.

So, I guess I should change my Poll for what STATE we're going to end up in!! Ha-ha-ha! I just hope that we know what STATE, and hopefully city, the day of Charles' all day event April 9th!

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