Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jack, oh my goodness!

From the absolute very beginning Jack has been a high dollar dog... When we rescued him from the pound they mandate that the animals be spayed/neutered. Well, we had him neutered and low and behold, he had an impacted testes so it was even MORE expensive... Then, a few months later, he was going severe diarrhea and vomitting and it was horrible! We took him to the vet where they did x-rays, did blood work, and examined him and of course while he was in their crate, he destroyed the bottom lining so they had to do another (complimentary) x-ray and keep him to observe only to be told he had an "dietary indescrition (sp?)" and was handed a bill for a few hundred dollars. THEN, he decides to chew a hole in our comforter, chew up several sweaters of mine, the bi-fold doors, my hope chest, and who knows what else!

So, here we are again... I just made an appt. at our NEW vet, East Coweta Vet Hospital where our friend Amelia Ray is a veterinarian. Jack has not eaten or drank anything since Sunday morning. That day is also when he started this whole diarrhea thing. :-( It sucks not only for him but also for us. Sunday night and again last night, Jack would pace and since Charles is such a light sleeper, he would hear him and take him out only to stand outside for about 15 minutes while Jack goes diarrhea... This goes on anywhere from 45 min to 2 hours and up and out again they go. We have given Jack two immodium and still NOTHING! If I take two, I am stopped up for days! LOL Okay, before you get mad at me for not helping, I am such a HEAVY sleeper that I just do not hear them and when I do wake up, it's right about the time Charles is crawling back into bed... I TRIED last night to sleep lighter but just did not hear anything. ;-(

I'm preparing for another couple hundred dollar or so bill from the vet... AH! This dog has been one expensive "pound puppy"! That's okay. This dog is totally Charles' baby and well worth it.

And for those interested, Jill is back to absolute 100%! Her "Cold-water tail" was completely healed within 7 days. It was just the funniest thing ever!!!

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