Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Blog Now here!

Yes, I am indeed posting just to "hold the space" for when I have the time to write this entire blog... So, this is giving a fair warning to check back as I DO have pictures to also post that you do not want to miss out on!!! ;-)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and took the time to remember WHY we celebrate Easter to begin with! :-) Our Savior, Jesus Christ, LIVES!!!!! AMEN!

(I figured I'd leave the top portion for those of you who only check my blog occassionally... I don't dare let you miss out on laughing at me! LOL)

So, Easter was very good in the Swann household. :-) We went to church Saturday night with dad and Jodi at Line Creek Baptist. We watched a musical on the Crusifiction (sp?) of Jesus.
Sunday morning Charles and I woke and prepared for a house full of guests. We knew mom, Ray Marie and Ray, Chris and Alice and the three girls were coming down to eat and after eating once it was dark, we were to have our "Second Annual Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt" with who knows who else would be joining us!

Oh yes, and Caitilen had this "baby" for the weekend from her Child and Family Development class. My mom was hilarious with that thing! That's the "baby" my mom is holding here...

So we grilled out as it was a BEAUTIFUL day! :-) We goofed off outside and just chilled. Yes, chilled out. About dusk, mom, Ray, and I hid the Easter eggs that counted to just over 150!!! YES, we hid over 150 Plastic Easter Eggs!!! PLUS the extra 12 goodies mom found for the kids... THEN, as I was inviting our neighbors that came last year, our other neighbor Nicki came over to hide her dozen or so Easter eggs to contribute so her two boys could look... So, let's do the math... We had over 164+ plastic easter eggs in our yard!!! LOL
As the countdown to dark approached, everyone gathered in our itty bitty living room. Well, itty bitty with a ton of people in it! LOL We had mom, Ray, Ray Marie, Nicki, Kriby, Devin, Colin, Mike, Myra, Curt, Jocyln, Caden, Marissa, Mark, Nicky, Chris, Alice, Caitilen, Tori, Payton, and Me and Charles ALL in our living room! Talk about packed! LOL So we ventured outside with all our flashlights and onto the hunt began... No, not all the eggs were found that night. Charles and I found about 10 more in the following days. It was crazy but such fun! So next year our two neighbors are going to have to continue the "Annual Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt" without us and we'll start a new something in Michigan! :-)
Check out Piczo for the rest of the pictures!!! :-)

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