Friday, March 28, 2008

Don't you love it??

Thanks. I know you love me. That is why you put up with my blogging as boring as it can be, okay, at times... I'll give myself a LITTLE credit! But what I am talking about is my new background! isn't it adorable?? Yeah, Charles says it's "busy" but hey, what's wrong with that?? I LOVE it, haha, love?? get it??

K, so my lameness is over.

We DID have a very llllooonnnnnggg day though. I won't really get into details as I'm trying to keep this blog from being "boring"! Um, we woke up at 7am to leave by 8am for the dealership. Arrived at the dealership at 9am and officially handed over our keys (we each took our own car as we both had things that needed to be done). Then we um, yeah, sat. We walked around the lot... We sat some more. We got a loaner car and went to lunch at Boston's. We sat more. Walked around more. And officially, five hours later, we were headed home.

We got home and as I was starting on my paper for my Marketing class, Charles calls me to the door to find out what our problem neighbor kids were doing in our yard at our mailbox. *We're not nit picky people, really, but these kids are KNOWN problem causers and have been caught throwing rocks at our house bef0re* and long story short, the non-emergency sheriff was called and she came out, talked to us. We covered our grounds. She left. And I went back to homework, well, actually trying to put up my new background instead of homework... :-)

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Greg and Casey said...

I love the background!!!