Thursday, March 6, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Well, the story first...

Charles spoke with a lady in OK City today and she FINALLY informed him that he had been put on TWO interview lists. One for a Terminal position in Michigan and one for an enroute position for Atlanta! *You may get excited for uno moment* Then she informed him that this was sent to the uppers in OK City and THEY decided that he would be taken off the Atlanta list and will only pursue him for Michigan... So, it's final, MICHIGAN is where we shall go!

On another note, our weight loss is going great! Charles has lost a total of 12 pounds since we started the South Beach Diet Feb. 23 and I have lost about 7 pounds. Yeah, that heffer lost more then me! I know, I know... Men loose weight faster then women. WHATEVER!

And still, so far my second part-time job at the Summit YMCA is going great! Not a whole lot to complain about and Luke LOVES it! :-) Yeah!

So, that's it for now. Some big, some little, some pointless news. :-) Keep checking in though!!! And why don't ya leave us some comments eh?? *I'm practicing my Canadian talk! LOL*

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