Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Michigan bound...

A little background on us... Charles applied for an Air Traffic Controller position with the FAA back in May 2007! He FINALLY took the test December 17, 2007 and scored 92.6% which put him in the "well qualified" category. At first, we thought we would end up in Windsor Locks, CT but he has since been notified that he is on the Michigan list. That list was sent with 12 cities for us to "rank" in order of least to greatest places that we wish to live. Our order is:
1. Grattan (Grand Rapids)
2. Ypsilanti
3. Kalamazoo
4. Muskegon
5. Garfield
6. Catalca
7. Sylvan Lake
8. Saginaw
9. Ann Arbor
10. Gaines
11. & 12. Detroit

We are hoping to hear something by the end of January 2008 so that Meghan my start looking for jobs there... :-)

That brings me to WHY this blog was created... To keep a better update for all our exteded and immediate families to keep updated on what's happening in our lives!


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