Friday, January 18, 2008

PCOS, what is it?

I figured I would shed a few "layers" to help you better understand me. This is a very important question to me as I was diagnosed with it October 2006.

This is what the website says PCOS is:
*Is also known as Stein-Leventhal Syndrome or Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD).
*Affects an estimated 6-10% of all women and most don't even know they have it.
*Is treatable, but not curable, by medications, changes in diet and exercise.
*Is one of the leading causes of infertility in women.
*Has been identified for 75 years and they still aren't sure what causes it.
*Affects far more than just reproduction.
*IT IS NOT just a cosmetic problem.

After having an ultrasound and bloodwork done, I was diagnosed with "boarderline" PCOS. I asked the Dr. what in the heck that meant! He said that every decision I make from here on out effects which side of the fence I will fall on. If I take care of myself and exercise and eat right, I'll most likely have levels return to normal. If I eat junk food and not exercise, I will be full blown PCOS with all the high levels especially insulin.

I have been trying, going through phases should I say, of eating right and exercising. Charles and I have really upped the anty on exercise and have been walking our two heathens, I mean dogs, every night for about 45 minutes. :-) We just must keep it up!

PCOS is "controlled" via lifestyle changes such as diet. The best diet for a PCOSer to be on is The South Beach Diet as it cuts out all the white and adds in the good carbs, complex carbs. I notice a HUGE difference when I eat properly such as this diet.

My Gyno, who diagnosed me, wanted to immediately put me on Metformin, a diabetic drug, and Clomid to induce Ovulation even though I was not diabetic per my blood work and he just assumed I was not ovulating on my own. *No, we were not, have not been, and currently are not trying to start a family!* For those that know me, I LOVE to prove peole wrong... Well, I started charting my Basal body temperature (BBT) and low and behold, I have only had one known annovulatory cycle since Oct 2006! I think that's pretty good odds there! Now, we ran into other issues. But the fact that he wanted to start me on Clomid to induce Ovulation without testing me and everything else just goes to show that Dr. are all for the money! It's SO irritating!!

PCOS is a life changing diagnosis. It not only affects fertility or lack there of, but increases ones chances of having Heart Disease, Diabetes, and High Blood pressure. So many women suffer from so many of the symptoms daily and have no answer for their suffering...

K, that's my soap box for the moment. I hope my scattered brain syndrome made sense.

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