Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just becuase...

So, Charles and I were talking about this blog and such and he asked me if I update it everyday. I said, "um, no." He said, well, that's what a blog is for, to update every day. So, instead of boring everyone with our daily un-exciting lives, I figured it could be a every few days boring post, k?? :-)

The only "new" update we have here is that it SNOWED, like real snow, here in Georgia again!!! It was so pretty... Everything was white! :-) I LOVE IT!!!! And it's continued to stay cold so I'm saying God's getting our blood ready for colder weather! ha ha.

Oh, speaking of cold. The cat that once was my oldest brothers then abandoned to my dad then he left it and moved so I took the cat-dog has officially survived COLD, freezing weather! But, since our dogs officially hate the cat and tree it every time they possibly see it, we are in search of a new cat friendly house... Anyone want Gus?? :-) I should post a picture of the cat. He's really a good cat. Really. He's 99.9% outdoors although if it weren't for the dogs, he would have come inside for the snow. He's been neutered too. He keeps away snakes, rats, mice, and all those wonderful critters that humans tend to not like.

K, I have managed to write more than a sentence so let me find a picture of Gus to share with everyone to hopefully find him a wonderful new home! :-) HINT HINT HINT!!!

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