Monday, January 28, 2008

Coming to an End in my school career!

Yesterday Charles and I decided to discuss what in the world we were going to do with all our time now that neither of us would be glued to homework and other various school assignments! I don't think we ever came up with something... I just keep thinking, especially as I get more and more irritated with my current Learning Team and the class I'm in (Research and Statstics) and just want to pull my hair out! I would rather wash baseboards or organize closets or do ANYTHING else than spend any more time doing homework! I have officially been working towards my degree six years this year. Yes, SIX for a FOUR year degree! That in and of itself is irritating. If I would not have transferred... I would be done now. Who knows what job/career I would be in.

In exactly five months and two days I will be DONE with school. I will have earned a Bachelors of Science in Human Services/Management. What I'll do with that. Um, manage people? Yeah, anything to do with people in general. I still have the hopes and dreams of opening an Adoption Agency one day... Not so much stuck on by the time I am 30 years old as at that time in my life, I HOPE to be running around after our children. :-) What a lovely thought. All this work to earn my degree to be a stay at home mom and have babies. hahaha! A dream come true for me!

I guess this writing has given me just enough of a break from the horrible class that it must come to an end and thus my resuming homework assignments... Oh, the day is coming, SOON!!!

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