Sunday, November 25, 2012

Missing Drs

Boy has there been a lot going on here....  I'll dabble into one thought process. :-)

While moving to North Carolina has been fantastic in so many ways, one BIG way it has not.


I know we made the decision not to pursue fertility treatments, and we still feel that way.  I just miss the accessibility of my previous loved doctors. Easily being seen for a simple progesterone test to check ovulation for instance.

I received an e-mail last week that Dr. Ahlering from SHER in St. Louis was leaving the practice!  I only "got" to see him once as insurance changed and we fell pregnant naturally with our Little Miss!  I was sad thinking of the several friends I made in St. Louis who hug their beautiful children every day that he played a part in.  He is a great Dr!

I've been on the hunt for a Dr here for my lovely annual appointment and am so frustrated by the lack of small, as in, under 10 physicians, in one practice!  I so miss Dr. Simckes and the two man practice.  During my pregnancy, I knew I would be delivered by him unless an absolute emergency and then I knew the back up Dr too!  He knew my hearts desire to deliver vaginally and though he joked about csections when the rubber met the road, he let me labor as long as I needed and indeed walked in literally just in time to catch baby girl!  We had a patient/Doctor relationship.  With the practices here, not so much...

And that brings me to my theory on why North Carolina is a leader in csections!

I hypothesize that you have a relationship with ONE Dr and unless you have the luck of the draw and they happen to be on call during delivery, you wind up with one of several other Doctors.  Or if you rotate throughout your pregnancy, you maybe will see each Doctor in a 10 physician practice maybe twice?!  How do you establish a relationship of trust on that? Labor is not exactly the time to get to know the Dr that will deliver you.  You may be saying, "Write a birth plan out!"  Why yes, a birth plan is in the file but how many Dr really read it?! 

Back to my theory- Not your regular Dr is on call.  You're at a 7.  It is 10pm.  On call Dr has to be in the office tomorrow.  Because you are just a number to them, no patient relationship to stand on and do not know your hearts desire to deliver vaginally, they bully you into a csection and they are crawling into bed before midnight.  They don't have to deal with you again so who cares?!

If anyone is looking for my opinions, I believe practices should be smaller.  More intimate.  Doctors should know their patients, the regular ones as in during pregnancy.  Dr. Simckes did...  Have I mentioned that I miss being under his care??

Trying a new practice next week...  This one has 10 Doctors and 6 midwives.  I hope to utilize the midwives one day.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Potty Training 102

Seeking veteran parents help!  Or anyone that knows anything about potty training...

Quick recap- 

Day one of potty training on Monday consisted of waking up dry, one accident shortly after waking for the day, and an accident during naptime.

Day two on Tuesday consisted of waking up wet for the day, waking up dry from naptime, and pooping on the potty for the first and second time!  The issue arose when Little Miss and I took a quick trip to Goodwill and Walgreens.  She refused to potty before leaving despite our best efforts.  She told me in the car that she needed to go potty!  Thankfully, we were about two minutes from our destination and I convinced her to hold it.  We got to the bathroom with her dry but upon seeing the big potty, she refused to go!  Walked around no problem.  Back to the car we went for our second destination 5 minutes away.  About three minutes into the ride she said "POTTY!" and then was quiet.  I am assuming that is when it happened...  When we arrived she was wet.

Today is day FOUR of our potty training adventure!

Overall, I am pretty happy with her progress so far!  Daytime accidents minimal.  She's 24 months old.  I expected multiple accidents a day!

Any seasoned tips or tricks on transitioning to using the potty out and about despite it being a big potty?  Have I really destined myself to bring a little potty with us for the next 15 years of errands and traveling?  

And how about tackling sleep accidents...  Some days she is dry.  Others not so much.  She does not want to wear a diaper at all.  I guess we are going the "bootcamp" route?

Oh the bittersweet moments of Potty Training.  No more fluff butt cloth diapers.  No more pants not fitting because of said fluff butt.  Excited that she is reaching such a milestone though!!

Tell me about your potty training experience?  Your kids?  Other kids?


It arrived!!! Truly felt like Christmas came early!!!

Meet my new BFF.

Though I call her Lunette.

Not really but doesn't she deserve a name?

"She" will help my crazy PCOS cycles regulate.

"She" will literally give us the green light when conception is most likely.

"She" will, God willing, shorten the time span in which we spend trying to conceive.

"She" will be a permanent fixture in our bedroom until I see two pink lines again! {And then I wonder what other benefits "she" would bring to Charles and My health!  Maybe even help labor along at full term during the "full moon" phase?!}

"She" will also be a Natural Family Planning {aka Avoiding Conception without chemicals!} assistant when that time comes.  Right now, we want a baby!  :-)

I was introduced to Lunaception several years ago in a brief this-sounds-cool reading.  I did not really think much else of it at the time.

That all changed about three months ago when I announced that we were no longer going to pursue fertility treatments in our quest to bring a sibling home for Little Miss.  I have spent the last several weeks researching it, wondering if there was something to this Moon Cycle.

 It makes sense to me.  Does a full moon not resemble a pregnant belly?  Back in the days when God created the Heavens and the Earth, artificial lights did not exist.  I can see the moons cycle indeed impacting our lives.  God does do everything for a reason...  In fact, I wonder if infertility rates are higher among city dwellers than country folk? {Catch my country twang?  :-)}

Coincidence?  A theory-  To help with utilities, we put heavy duty blankets/curtains on our windows in the bedroom and thus resulting a pitch black sleeping environment.  About three weeks ago it was a nice evening so we slept with the windows open.  Directly across from our window is a street light.  It glared into our bedroom all.night.long.  Very annoying.  This happened to be like day 10 of my cycle.  Right at two weeks later, I had a really light menstrual cycle that I can only attribute to the light signaling ovulation before my body was actually ready and thus a weak ovulation and weak period.

And then I read a review from Naturally Knocked Up {Fantastic book she wrote too by the way!} on this new product, Luness.  I was hooked!

And here I am, having just opened the package it came in all excited to try it!  I'm hoping after a few months of regular Luness use, I can wean off the Vitex but I will continue taking the Pregnitude as I have read too many reasons to continue taking it not only during conception but throughout pregnancy.  I notice a difference in me when I am off it for more than two days.

So now we just wait for the lovely witch to show so I can press that cycle start button and get this show on the road!  I promise to continue updating how Lunette and I are getting along.  :

Anyone familiar with Lunaception?  Tried Luness?

*Disclaimer- I was sent at no cost to me, Luness, to review and provide my honest opinions.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Potty Training 101

Smiles after a full day of Potty Training {and Chocolate of course!}
I learned a valuable lesson today.  Not that my vote really counts or anything political like that but in raising our daughter.

I learned that she is independent to the max.

I learned that she does not follow any parenting books.

I learned that all my experience with children applies zero to raising her.

I learned chocolate for Little Miss, Mommy, and Daddy is a necessity during potty training!

We tried this whole potty training gig a few weeks ago.  We purchased two little potty seats for the big toilets and were set to go.  I set the timer and insisted she try to go every 20 minutes. 


Lots of them resulted.

When she woke up this morning with a dry diaper, I encouraged her to go potty.  This time in her new pink princess potty just her size!  She can take on/off her pants and panties herself and get on/off the potty all by herself so the need for any help is minimal.  She likes it that way.

She did!!

About 20 minutes later, she had an accident in the middle of the living room.  I thought we were going downhill from there...

I learned that when I asked her if she needed to use the potty, despite doing the potty dance, she would deny the urge and hold it.

I learned when I didn't say a word, she would magically stop what she was doing and run to the potty!

After she went, we would cheer and she would get her treat.

Our first full day at potty training is a success in my book!!

One accident this morning.  Accident at nap.  That's it.  TWO accidents on day one!

Success is at the end of the day she is still all smiles and taking on the personal responsibility of going potty.

Miss Independent.

My baby is growing up...

I wonder what day two will hold?!  Hopefully she will venture into the land of pooping in the potty too.