Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Little Miss just doing her thing

My mom and Ray took me out to dinner for my birthday. Outside was a live band and where music is, there my Little Miss will be. Every. Single. Time. She does her own choreography in case you were wondering. :-) A minute of pure enjoyment.

Happy Birthday, me!

It's crazy.

Today's my birthday.

It's not a "big" birthday.

It doesn't seem like it though...

Maybe it will this evening when my mom arrives?

Maybe not.

Charles will be back this weekend so we can fully celebrate then!

I love birthdays.

Even mine.

I have many fond memories of my birthday and some special memories of moments from friends birthdays!

Which is why it is weird it doesn't feel like my birthday.

I love that each person has one day a year to celebrate their life.

...who cares if you share YOUR day with a billion other people world wide.

It's YOUR day to those that love YOU.

So Happy Birthday to Me, from Me.

Now if only the fairies would come clean the house, do the laundry, and walk the dogs...

I'll just spend the day with my Little Miss {and mom and Ray when they arrive}.

What's your favorite birthday memory?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photo Bombed

This was supposed to be a picture of my sassy Little Miss and I...  Jack and Jill decided to be apart of it too from inside the house.  :-)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hoping to hold out!

Ovaries are achey and cramping. 

Cycle day 23.

Par for the course with late ovulation.

At least I'd be ovulating without any fancy medications.

But zero, ZERO, chance of pregnancy if it happens today...


I'm hopeful that my ovaries are gearing up to pop out the juicy egg but will hold out for another 4 days...  Then we would have a good chance at conception.

So it's really bittersweet-  To ovulate is a good thing.  To ovulate in 4 days would be a better thing!

But then again, the sooner the witch arrives, the sooner I get to use the fancy ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor I was gifted by one of my biggest cheerleaders and fellow {once} infertile!  :-)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Slow Fade

I love this song by Casting Crowns, "Slow Fade".

It's not the "Slow Fade" I'm referencing though... {But do watch the video!}

I'm talking about the slow fade that happens in our children's lives.  The slow fade that if you are not watching, you'll miss.

I read a statement a few months ago that really has stuck with me.  "Everyone watches for the first.  The first step.  The first word.  The first time you rocked your baby to sleep.  Etc.  So many people miss the last...  The last time your baby called you mama and now are just mom.  The last time they allowed you to kiss them in public.  The last time you rocked them to sleep.  Etc."

I've been reminded of this slow fade in Little Miss' life.  The milestones have come and gone.  Every time I blink, I almost miss the transition.

The gummy smile that's now an almost fully toothed smile.

The moments of dread as I put her into the carseat would once guarantee a full on screaming fit until she was removed for said torture device.  Now it's only about half the time.

The slow fade of our nursing closeness.  She's fading into only a few times a day and often cutting nursing short to drink some water before running off to play again.

When will be the last time we co-sleep?  I thoroughly enjoy the all night long snuggles as she fits perfectly snuggled into me.  I love kissing her on the head, feeling her breathing, and having her leg draped over mine.  Reassured she's okay.

The mamamamamamama babble that's turned into little conversations which will oh so soon turn into full blown conversations.

She no longer feels the need to run to me after every boo-boo for comfort.  She now, for minor injuries, will fuss for a minute before moving on to another play spot.  Independence is setting in.

I've been convicted that while technology is great, it's interfering with my relationship with Little Miss.  I used to play on my smart phone during the many growth spurt long nursing sessions and now I treasure the moments that are fleeting yet, thankfully, not completely gone.

This slow fade is inevitable in life.  Growing up happens.  I just do not want to miss a single second of the transition from baby to toddler to preschooler to little girl to preteen to teenager to adulthood!  The chaos of life can wait until she's asleep.

As I wipe away the happy tears, I'll turn off the computer and head upstairs to snuggle with my Little Miss and thank God for the moments that were so beautiful today.

Watching her put on flip flops all by herself, put on a horrid green beaded necklace, position her princess pink purse perfectly on her shoulder while keeping arm elevated to ensure the purse stays put all while placing her baby doll in the grocery cart to go for a walk. 

Walk we did.  :-) 

Then we traded in all things girly for her bubble blowing lawn mower that seconds as a really fun go-cart for her!

My heart over flows with love for this tiny little strong willed girly girl!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Style Help!

So one of my brothers is getting married Father's Day weekend... It is a relaxed evening outdoor wedding. I have two dresses and need help. Seriously. Which one do I wear? What accessories would you get to go with it? I went into Charming Charlie's with such an optimistic thought that I would find just the right pieces to go with the dresses to help me choose and yeah, epic fail. I suck. Long necklaces or "choker" types?  Necklaces, bracelets, hair accessory, and cocktail ring too much?  I have no style what so ever. I seriously need to hire someone to dress me. Charles would appreciate that... So would my mom apparently. :-)  Oh, and I want some sort of jacket ish to go over it- would a scarf suffice?  I'm thinking something I can use that looks nice but also would be good to cover nursing toddler since the wedding is in the middle of like a thousand acres.

So all my fashion gurus, tell me/show me what to get to go with these dresses!!!!!  Which is more "wedding" friendly?  I want to wear the black and wear my black flip flops but my mom says no way jose...  haha!

Black Dress, Knee ish length.

Blue Dress, floor length.

Ryan and Grace - if you happen to read this, don't judge me!  haha!  I'm trying to look presentable for your wedding for goodness sakes!  :-)  Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Now to find which dress Little Miss shall wear...  And a back up since it is an out door wedding and all which means dirt will be involved which means she will need an outfit change.  :-)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Enchancing Fertility??

What did you do?  What do you suspect worked/didn't work?

Geritol Complete?  A baby at the bottom of every bottle...  {Not the three bottles I purchased but then again I also didn't purchase the winning lottery ticket so I must not be a good selector}

Gluten free?  Dairy Free?  Yoga?  Supplements of sorts?  I want success stories!  Success stories are not just a baby at the end...  Improvement in numbers is success too!  I celebrate all positives here!

I want to know...  Give me the full scoop!!!  Really!  :-)

My little success story.  Soy.  Ugh.  Mimicks estrogen, we know this.  Disrupts receptors for many functions of our body.  Some of us, ahem, are more sensitive to this than others.

My TSH after delivery was like 5.84.  I have been trying really hard to eliminate soy from our diets.  {Do you really know how many things Soy is found it?!?!  Really.  Go try to find one thing in your house that is not solely fruits or veggies that does not have a soy in it.  Check your supplements too.  Yep.}  It's been a long, slow process but I would say I have eliminated about 90% of it!  The majority of it comes from eating out be it a restaurant or someone else's house.

...My TSH has been steadily dropping.  Coincidence?  It was checked just this last week and is 2.74!  1-2 is the ideal range to get and sustain a pregnancy.  I'm so very excited for this!!!!  It motivates me to continue working hard to eliminate it and hopefully get fertility up and running again!  :)

And might I also add that I lost another 2 pounds per the Dr scale!?!?  Yep.  Slowly, oh so slowly, but surely it is coming off!  Again, I blame Soy.  {But not Soy alone.  I'm not stupid.}  Estrogen = Fat.  Soy pretends to be estrogen so it adds fat.  My theory- get rid of Soy = getting rid of excess Estrogen = fat going away too!

Makes sense, right?  Or am I totally fetching straws here...?

Vitamin D3 is my other favorite but I'm just so excited over my TSH/Soy coincidence!

So again, any success stories??

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Little Miss!

My husband so kindly told me that I really need to blog about something since it's been almost a month since my last post! My apologies! My only "excuse" is our life has been a bit hectic and a slew of events have happened that I plan to come share when things calm down a bit....
Perhaps a "I'm sorry I've been MIA" picture is due? I hope the precious face that is a love of our life will due for now?
Our Little Miss is 18 months old!!! Crazy how time flies. Just moments after snapping picture she dumped a freshly filled dog water bowl all over herself.... ah, such is life. :-) Image and video hosting by TinyPic