Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

This year is different. To see my husband under a different light. No. We may not hold our baby in our arms, yet, but I surely feel baby daily now which makes it so different to me. Father's Day has always been hard on Charles just as Mother's Day for me. He sees other dads and wants it so much it hurts too. So, I figured this was just as good as any reason to list some of the reasons why I'm so excited I get to raise a child with Charles!

He's funny. Quirky sometimes but always making me laugh. I can see so many ways that he is going to instigate our child to get into things and make me laugh all that much harder.

He's got such a big heart. I cannot wait to see this manly man husband of mine comforting this tiny child and to watch them bond over the years.

To share with a {daughter} how a man is to treat the one he loves in hopes that she will stay very far away from the boys who would diminish her as a women.

To share with a {son} the way in which he is to treat a girl that he cares about by showing her respect and to be comfortable in who he is regardless of what others may say.

I have seen Charles play and wrestle with many friends kids and kids I have watched over the years, I cannot wait to see his interaction with our kids. How will it be similar? Different?

I cannot wait to see the proud look on his face the first time he holds our child and watch that same proud look be repeated many times over the years as our children grow up.

I will remember every man today that is on the journey to Fatherhood, wanting and waiting along with presently a father.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Half way there!

I cannot believe I am typing those words... Half way there. Wow. 19 weeks 6 days is the countdown until baby's due date. Wow. We cannot believe it's actually happening to us!

Today we had our "big" ultrasound! Watching baby for such a lovely extended amount of time just warmed my heart so much! Hearing the ultrasound tech tell us with each measurement that baby is perfect as far as she can see overwhelmed me a few times to fighting serious happy bawling break thrus! Thankfully, I was able to limit it to a few slipped tears out the corner of my eye so my vision was not obstructed. :-)

Yet again, I was questioned as to if my conception date was accurate or not since baby is measuring a full week plus ahead still. I informed them that I am absolutely 100% sure when we conceived and when further questioned I go into the whole OPK, Temping, checking cervical mucus, etc. and get the "oh, okay" look of approval. The next statement is generally, "This is just a big baby..." Yeah. Thanks.

We found out today {not what the sex is, still Team Green!} that baby weighs a whole pound now! The heart was beating away beautifully at 156 bpm. S/he is swallowing and process the fluid normally and has found it's thumb which was evident by the thumb sucking and nose rubbing photo we got. :-) Baby also likes to spend a lot of time with belly down {that comes from me}. Baby currently is head down and I know this is not indicative of how baby will remain but it's nice to know that s/he knows the position and will hopefully return there before labor starts.

We have some big changes coming up {moving and my job will end as of July 2} so things should get pretty interesting around here for us. Maybe just maybe I'll find more time to blog? :-)

Thank you to everyone who has supported, encouraged, prayed, and just been there for us throughout all the ups and downs! It means so very much to Charles and I and our baby will surely know about the love that was shown in an overwhelming way to us by everyone!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I wonder how Celine Dion feels...

I have truly been inspired by Celine Dion. She's taken on infertility in the celebrity realm head on. Even talking to Oprah Winfrey about it! For her to publicly talk about the hardships treatment brings both physically and emotionally, I applaud her and wish others in the "spotlight" would do the same!

Six IVF attempts... Wow. Why yes they have the money to spend on all these attempts, it is still equally hard on her body and their relationship as us common folks. I wish I could just pick up the phone and call her to ask if they used donor eggs/sperm or not. I also am curious if this was their first acupuncture IVF cycle. Would be interesting to hear those two answers. Oh yes, and most important, just to congratulate her on their twins to be!

I am betting her and I will have our babies in the same day. My logic? She's carrying twins and about a month behind me. So, it would put us about the same time frame to have our babies. :-) Not that she would know or ever care about when I have my baby but it's a fun thought to think of sharing a birth day with a celebrity that also struggled to conceive!

So again, I wonder how Celine feels... To be pregnant finally, it seems, yet at the same time after a recent loss.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I felt baby!

This past Thursday, May 27, I felt baby move for the first official time! {I thought I had felt baby at about week 14 and once again at around week 16 but figured since the spacing was so far out that it was just gas or something. ha!}

Charles and I were watching TV this evening when I suddenly sat up straight due to this new feeling and blurted to Charles that I just felt baby move! The look on his face, priceless! He was so excited and said it makes it seem much more real for me to say I feel baby physically other than only feeling baby with the throwing up still happening. :-) Oh I can't wait for the day that he can feel baby in my tummy too!

I have felt baby at least once a day since and love the reassurance that baby is doing a okay in there! The second day, it felt like baby did a summer sault in my tummy but it was up to down instead of down to up, if that makes sense. Oh how I love love love love love being able to feel baby move and the reassurance that gives {so maybe nausea will go away now that I have a new reassurance??? hahaha!}

Now if only I could get the dream I had this past weekend that our baby was a hermaphrodite out of my head, all would be good... It's been severe enough that I may fall prey to finding out what we're having just to have the reassurance that all is good with baby!